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Candyboy: Black Mass in Westphalia (Overture)

Candyboy: “Black Mass in Westphalia (Overture)”

“Black mass in Westphalia (Overture)” is the first Candyboy piece for Orchestra. A little taste of a whole upcoming classic project. The room used for the videoclip and for the orchestral recording was ionized and illuminated with a game of mirrors, creating non-Euclidean coincidences on the walls. “Through the bizarre geometry of the angles something remote arrived from Westphalia, opening an imaginary temporal gap and the overture came to me from a fourth dimension.”

Candyboy "Maestoso"

CANDYBOY: “Maestoso” the new track from Doomsday, is now on Vevo!

“Maestoso is the new Candyboy single off “Doomsday”. An homage to Vinalia Rustica‘s pagan celebrations in ancient Rome recurring the next Aug 19th. Maestoso describes through music the ancient libations and banquets with fine wines in honor of Jupiter and Venus celebrating the union of opposites. Solve et coagula. Rejoice!”

Candyboy: Death Funky

Candyboy: Death Funky

“Death Funky” is the third single off Doomsday the new album out on June 20th A short concept movie written and directed by Candyboy “I have invested heavily in a job that, in addition to music, has embraced a visual aspect that will develop into short horror episodes. The protagonists are different characters intertwined by a single destiny. But the real protagonists who plot in the dark are others ….. who are mentioned at the end of the clip. It is a concept album that introduces new elements into my scenario and these are the humanoids.”

Candyboy: Apotheosis

Candyboy: Apotheosis

“Apotheosis” is the opening-track off “Doomsday”, the newest Candyboy album out the next June 20th available on all platforms, cd, vinyl. The piece is a dystopian digression, a fall into the infernal regions of the psyche. “Apotheosis” on Bandcamp

Candyboy: Stargate

Candyboy: STARGATE

“Stargate” is the newest Candyboy single from his upcoming album “Doomsday” out on the upcoming summer solstice, June 20th 2020. A single in collaboration with Capitol intended for new generations who mainly listen to music via mobile phone. Stargate combines the sounds of surf rock with trap music in the frame of a Satanic Egypt he designed. “Many kids were intrigued by the sulfur symbol on the mask and I received many messages during this time, it was fun” Stream on Spotify

Candyboy: Pop Song

Candyboy: POP SONG

“Pop Song” marks the return of Candyboy. A provocative song and video defined by Candyboy as “Horror Avantgarde” which criticizes the masses and the music market without saying a word. This song references black magic, voodoo, and cannibalism. Parental Advisory: Explicit Content This video contains imagery of violence not suitable for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.



“Hellawood” is the first studio album of Candyboy, available now on digital stores, cd and vinyl version that achieved during one year half million streamings trought singles on Youtube and Spotify. Stream / CD / Vinyl “I’ve been truly inspired by the content “Diabolus in musica” in “The Satanic Scriptures” by Magus Peter H. Gilmore.  During Hellawood’s video there’s a little frame that I’m reading it. I define my genre as a “classical horror crossover” an “oligarchic music” destined for an Alien Elite.  Hellawood is my creative manner to despise and disdain mass market music.  I had funny when I created my ologram in the […]

Candyboy: Donny Fee Mama

CANDYBOY: Donny Fee Mama

“Donny Fee Mama” The latest Candyboy single on the occasion of the Summer Solstice: “My new mask is inspired by a Hollywood killer doll. I used it in my last ritual psychodrama, from which emerged a very emotional side of my psyche. I do not consider this track as rock or metal, though I used electric guitar. Rather, it is a classical revival in a new manner. I quote several classical composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov at the beginning, Dyens in the middle, and Bach’s Bourée at the end, all blended with Paganini’s arpeggio style… it’s a real crossover! “I had been […]

Candyboy: VIRTUOSO

“VIRTUOSO”—six masterpieces of classical music arranged by Candyboy

“VIRTUOSO”; six masterpieces of classical music arranged by Candyboy. Discovering classical authors Paganini, Rimsky-Korsakov, Dyens, Albeniz, Barrios, and Wallace through Candyboy‘s bombastic guitar. The first extract is “The Flight of Bumblebee”. “I love the figure of Bumblebee as insect. I admire the ability of bees to turn pollen into honey. It is the transformation in esoteric term. The bees builds patiently…” Listen “VIRTUOSO” album on exclusive here.

Candyboy: Nine

Candyboy: NINE

The song was inspired by The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals. All seven deadly sins, here, are good things! Nine, the number of Ego, instead seven. As an invitation to live this life intensely in the last Age of Fire 2019, before the new Age of Ice. —Candyboy Also on Spotify

CANDYBOY: CHILDREN OF LUCIFER The text was ispired by “The Satanic Bible” & “The Satanic Scriptures”. Hail Satan! (Source: