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Let’s Get to Know Jason Voorhees, Part 3 (The Final Chapter)  Join your host Texxx and Warlock Robert Leuthold as they discuss the last four films in the Friday the 13th series. (Source:

A MOMENT WITH WARLOCK BILL BUTLER Join your host Texxx as he interviews Warlock Bill Butler. They discuss Warlock Bill’s music, art, toy collection and much more.  (Source:

Join your host Texxx and special guest Warlock Robert Leuthold as they discuss the Friday the 13th films parts five through eight. (Source:

THE MORBID FILES: Let’s get to know Jason Voorhees Join your host Texxx and special guest Robert Leuthold as they discuss the first four films of Friday the 13th. (Source:

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Speak of the Devil: Racism, Bigotry & Hate  Wednesday, March 21st / 8pm MST on Facebook Live.  Speak of the Devil—Reverend Campbell discusses Racism, Bigotry & Hate with Citizen Texxx. We will explore why it’s okay to denigrate one subsection of a species like ‘the herd’ in general, and political or social groups but not other subsections like ethnicity, sexual preference, or gender identity? How do Satanists deal with racism, bigotry and hate? Is it okay at all? Join Live with your comments and questions! Sign Up to the Email List Subscribe to the YouTube Channel Give a Rating & Review Hail Satan! […]

Join Texxx as he interviews Reverend Raul Antony  Raul is a music journalist, podcaster, electronic music producer, and Reverend in the Church of Satan. His writing has been published in Heathen Harvest, The Black Flame, Not Like Most, and Judas Kiss. His current podcasts include Chaos Sedated (post-industrial), Black Signals (minimal techno, synthwave), The Forest Passage (outsider music discussion), and Den of Iniquity (Satanic culture). For more info about Rev. Raul Antony / For info about the Church of Satan (Source:

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From the Devil’s LipsA Lip Sync Challenge You Never KnewYou Desperately Wanted Speak of the Devil presents From the Devil’s Lips is a social media lip sync challenge. It’s organized as a weekly head-to-head battle between contributors. Each challenger records a lip sync video as stripped down or elaborate as they want, and calls out their competition in social media with the hashtag #FromTheDevilsLips. They will include the link to view the videos and vote on their favorite performance: At the end of the week, the lip sync video with the most audience votes wins and gets to call […]

THIS IS HALLOWEEN! Join Texxx, Reverend Campbell, and Warlock Milton C. as they discuss their favorite time of the year, horror films, and much more. For more info: Reverend Campbell / Warlock Milton C. (Source:

Join Texxx as he interviews Citizen Jeff Bowling  Jeff Bowling is a professional wrestler, fight choreographer and stunt performer. He is a musician, an actor and a writer. He has two current musical projects, Slave to Reality and Embrace the Forbidden. He is also a US Combat veteran and is currently working towards founding a Satanic Veterans Organization. For more info about Jeff Bowling For info about Citizen Brimstone’s products (Source: