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An Interview with the Ringmaster


Happy Halloween one and all! Why not celebrate this spooky time by adding a little horror and madness to your collection. This tale takes your favourite acting troupe on a fantastical journey. Stefan Hannberg, a reporter lives a succesful yet quiet life. All of this is about to change when he recieves an invitation from the Ringmaster asking him to write about this mysterious show. His life is never going to be the same again! Available on the following formats: Kindle / Print The Satanic Players Society Bringing you tales of Horror and Madness

A Moment With Colin Martin Join Texxx as he interviews Colin Martin. They discuss the Satanic Players Society, the good guy badge, model painting, and much more. For more info about Colin Martin. (Source:

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Now available in iTunes Podcasts, on, and at Satanic Story Time presents episode 23 – “The Mask of Medusa” with special guest, Colin Martin. In anticipation of Walpurgisnacht, which is only four days away at the production of this episode, Satanic Story Time is releasing back to back episodes. “The Devil is in the Details”: Colin Martin joins Evan and me tonight for a Skype session in regard to the latest from the Satanic Players Society, entitled, “The Mask of Medusa.” We prove that the “devil really is in the details” as we discuss the details of this […]