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Bob (MovieBob) Chipman here deftly and exhaustively catalogs the numerous merits of GHOSTBUSTERS, even detailing the context of the 1980s surge of Christian fear of the occult leading to the rising tide of what many call “The Satanic Panic.” This video is 37 minutes in length and well worth your viewing if you are a fan of this film as well as intelligent, articulate film appreciation. Many Satanists (and secularists) I know have long enjoyed GHOSTBUSTERS for its abundant humor and theme of science overcoming superstition as well as for the Lovecraftian aspects included in its wide-ranging mockery of supernatural horror. If […]

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THE DEVIL’S MISCHIEF’S 2015 ANTI-VALENTINE’S SPECIAL Here is your antidote to the sickening wholesomeness of Valentine’s Day! The Devil’s Mischief presents an all new 2015 ANTI-VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL. Hear the ugly side of love comedically exposed by the wit of PATTON OSWALT, DOUG STANHOPE and the must-hear “Drambuie” tale, the painful tales of MARC MARON and more!

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Tired of the same old Christmas songs poisoning the radio throughout the month of December? Then stop by and have “One Hell of a Christmas!!!”  “Helliday Mayhem” is a brand new single. Another pisstake on the winter holiday season, and what the masses perceive as a “wholesome” time of year. This one will have you banging your heads, thrashing around the tree, and violently tearing at things like……presents! Yule get a kick out of it! http://onehellofachristmas.bandcamp.com


$ 19.99 The Inner You, Control – self control comes first. Attitude—Self esteem and confidence. Learn and Grow, Judge a Book By Its Cover. Ritual of Routine, Your Body. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. Skin Care, Nails, Hair. Scent and Color Magic Style – clothing tips Dress Like a King Costs and MaintenanceFake it ‘til You Make It (from Goodwill to Armani, buy the best if you can.) Travel and Packing. Diligence Putting it all Together Reputation SeductionThe Masses Etiquette, a Forgotten Relic. Afterword—Power. Why we need It. Do you want to be Shirley Temple or Honey Boo Boo? Do you want to be the Barrymores or […]

Comedy 3.0

In the USA, there is much brouhaha concerning a federal grant for over $700,000 toward the development of computer software that writes jokes. The fundamental mechanics of humor are exploited by both pioneering comedians and the hacks who haunt what LaVey called “the dismal world of comedy clubs.” (“‘T’ Ain’t Funny, McGee,” Satan Speaks!) Yet consistently successful humor is the still-elusive holy grail of artificial intelligence, which grows ever closer to replacing the most productive aspects of your average human. By automating not only human tasks, but personalities, we can highlight and more freely enjoy the truly unique elements of […]

Robin Williams: Comedy and Counterpoint

The inimitable Robin Williams, whose work ranged from frenzied stand-up comedy to acting roles brimming with pathos, has died at the age of 63, an apparent suicide. Satanists frown upon any self-destructive act, but many of us will surely regret the death of this outstanding creator. Williams will be missed, but lives on through his incandescent nonsense and profound characterizations. “One cannot have a true sense of humor without an equal sense of the profound. The familiar cliche of the clown whose heart is breaking holds great validity.” —Anton Szandor LaVey, “‘T’ain’t Funny, McGee,” from Satan Speaks! —Warlock M. Mandrake […]

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Laughing Best—Humorists Take On Satanism

Over the past five decades Satanism as formulated by Anton Szandor LaVey has been filtering into the consciousness of the general populace. When the Church of Satan burst into the global media in 1966, something new had been added to the contemporary zeitgeist—knowledge that there were people who embraced Satan as a positive figure of liberty and individualism in an above-ground organization. Inevitably, having gotten wider notice, those who use humor to comment upon human activities found new fodder in the ideas and aesthetics projected by Dr. LaVey, especially after the documentary Satanis: The Devil’s Mass was released. We Satanists […]