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The Metal Grotto with DJ Reverend Hell On Wheels

The Metal Grotto Episode 116 “Count Gimpula’s Hungover Halloveen Special”

What happens when you give a DJ’s vampiric alter ego the DJ controls for a Halloween special? Hilarity, and a lot of puns! Count Gimpula hosts this week, giving the listeners a blood transfusion bag’s worth of monstrous metal muckery (hey look, alliteration!) Stream The Metal Grotto Episode 116 Download The Metal Grotto Episode 116 Only on Radio Free Satan

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THE METAL GROTTO EPISODE 47: GIMPULA MEETS THE CRIPPLEKEEPER- A HOLIDAY SPECIAL  It’s the holidays, and that gruesome twosome, Count Gimpula, and the Cripplekeeper hijacked the show after waking up from hibernation.  This…won’t go well…. At any rate, with those two hosting, expect some horrific holiday hijinks with what they consider Holiday music. Download Episode 47. Only On Radio Free Satan