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Count MoriVond: Grant Me O' Devils

Count MoriVond performs Grant Me O’ Devils

Count MoriVond: Grant Me O’ Devils A whimsical lil’ poem about the sin of adultery. A comedy of moral hooman buffooneries and the self-righteous tempers these tend to offend. Grant Me O’ Devils written and performed by Count MoriVond from the book: ‘The Devil’s Troubadour: A Compendium Of Poetical Works’ originally published in hardcover and paperback in ’07 and released on audio CD in 2011.

Count MoriVond Performs

Count MoriVond performs: “A Satire on Charles II”

Count MoriVond “A Satire on Charles II” written by the 2nd Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot. A theatrical lambasting of the reign of King Charles, the 2nd. An iconic figure, the Stuart… so much so that I’ve decided to dress as the merry monarch in this buffoonery-laden spoof. Mad Earl. Merry Monarch. The Merry Gang…. Nobility debauched. Nobilis comoediis. Homines comedy. Parts 1 & 2.

Verlaine's "Muted" read by Count MoriVond

Paul Verlaine: “Muted” (En Sourdine) read by Count MoriVond

“En Sourdine,” or “Muted” as per this translation by C.F. MacIntyre from University of California Press, 1961. Written by French Decadent poet Paul Verlaine, first published in 1869. Music snippet from “Trip To Paris” by Jan A. P. Kaczmarek from the Fine Line Feature’s movie soundtrack for the 1995 film Total Eclipse, based on the life of Paul Verlaine and fellow French poet Arthur Rimbaud. —Count MoriVond

"Static Cream" by Count MoriVond

“Static Cream” by Count MoriVond, from MLS: The Covid19 Writings

Episode three: Static Cream The 3rd installment of “Mortification-Like Sentiments: The COVID19 Writings” series called: STATIC CREAM …and further down the existential, corona-laden mind-grave we go… a- jolting and a-jarring. More poetry and less performance. —Count MoriVond

Comte Morivond: Casualties Before Coffee

“Casualties Before Coffee” by Count MoriVond, from MSL: The Covid19 Writings

MORTIFICATION-LIKE SENTIMENTS: THE COVID19 WRITINGS I have begun to write verses based on the global pandemic and am creating accompanying visual art pieces for these upon their completion. In order to keep things in real time – I am writing these sequentially, creating their accompanying videos, respectively, and posting them in linear time – as I make’em. If there’s enough interest in the playlist I will definitely consider publishing physical books… photo-heavy books. May you enjoy this work. —Comte Morivond