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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

My dark ambient project Scapegoat, in collaboration with Greek artist The Seal of R’Lyeh is fifty minutes of ritual dark ambient sounds based on the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos, released on my record label. CD is available for $6.66 (postage additional). Thank you! Hail Cthulhu! —J.R. TorinaSlaughterhouse Records

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

TERMINUS a new dark ambient album from Valentin Schwarz. Limited to 100 pieces. Price 25 € incl. Shipping. Available at [email protected]

Gyps Fulvus has released a brand new promotional music video for “Voluntas Necandi”,   Set to a montage of peculiar, unsettling, and disturbing footage, Gyps’ first official music video is bound to tap into the corners of your psyche when you’re out of your comfort zone. “Voluntas Necandi” is available on the new album Gyps Fulvus III: Reflections, Revelations, and Roads Less Takenhttp://gypsfulvus.bandcamp.comhttp://www.gypsfulvus.net (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

GYPS FULVUS III: Reflections, Revelations, and Roads Less Taken

The long-awaited new double album, Gyps Fulvus III: Reflections, Revelations, and Roads Less Taken, is now available for purchase through Bandcamp.com in CD and digital download format. Featuring appearances and contributions by special guests Nik Edser, Warlock Leuthold, Aaron Mantle, Evan Nihil, and Bill M., this is the most ambitious, diverse, and musically dense Gyps Fulvus release to date.  The first half (CHAPTER I: "Visionem Cordis et Animi Vitae Metus") contains 13 individual tracks covering an eclectic mix of Industrial Metal, Drum ‘n Bass, Electronica, and Dark Ambient. The second half (“CHAPTER II: In Tenebris Lumen”) is an hour long conceptual opus split up into 14 parts, inspired heavily by […]

The Black Goat Uprising: Medusa

The Black Goat Uprising are announcing the release of their debut full length release “Medusa”, a collection of ten song songs that the band describes as “heavy, raw, dark ambient” music. It is the first full-length release for the band, coming shortly after their collaboration with horror rockers Psycho Charger on the song “Black Lodge”, recorded to benefit the No-Kill Los Angeles Animal Shelter. “Medusa” was chiefly composed while Psycho was working at a locked-down mental health care facility. According to Psycho: “When creating “Medusa” I drew a great deal from working there. I imagined what the soundtrack to such a place would be—an immersion […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

HEATHEN HARVEST: The Forest Passage

The Forest Passage is a monthly Post-Industrial podcast mixed and produced by Heathen Harvest journalist and editor Raul Antony (DJ ANARCH). He has performed under various monikers for over 10 years and opened for a wide-range of artists including Blood Axis, Changes, Bain Wolfkind, Death in June, Cult of Youth, Anenzephalia, and Genesis P-Orridge. He has also organized & appeared at several events including the 2004 Cold Meat Industry Tour, APEX Fest, and anniversary performances for Tesco USA & Tesco Germany. Raul Antony is also a director at Radio Free Satan, a Church of Satan online radio network on which […]


This Halloween marks the fourth birthday of the debut album from Gyps Fulvus, Nocturnes For Nightmares. Throughout the entire month of October, it’s on sale for $6.66 in digital download at Bandcamp.com. The album that started it all. A collection of nightmare inducing compositions that are fitting for the Halloween season. Recommended for listeners of dark ambient, horror-themed electronic music, and dark Classical music. Visit the official website for more news and current updates.


CASAUS, the debut album of King-Kopetzky, is a sonic journey reflecting the birth, life, and death of the cosmos. Ambient drones with elements of noise pervade throughout, inspired by the ancient myths of the Teutons and Aztecs, as well as the hard-won revelations of modern physics.  Casaus is perfect for reading, rituals or ceremonies, and meditation. Bask in the majesty of the cosmos.


NEW ALBUM FROM VALENTIN SCHWARZ / BEELZEBUB EERIE BeelZebuB, Dark Ambient Projekt made in Europe von Valentin Schwarz.CD EERIE / limitiert auf 666 Stk. Preis inklusive Versand Europa / USA 25 SFr. VIEW VIDEO: TIME MACHINE