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Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence - Depression

Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence – Depression

Depression Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence. Reverend Campbell is being joined by Victor Wicked and Satanist Cameron John to discuss Depression. We will cover the statistical realities of depression, how a Satanist can see themselves as the highest embodiment of human life and suffer from depression as well as personal stories and coping mechanisms. Sign Up to the Email List Subscribe to the YouTube Channel Give a Rating & Review Become a patron of Speak of the Devil! Hail Satan! – Reverend Campbell

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THIRD SIDE NETWORK PRESENTS: Good Mourning America – Episode 20  Join your hosts Lorcan Black and Jeff Bowling, along with their guests Donnie Strickland, Eddie Freeland and Dawn of the Underground, as they discuss depression and the current suicide epidemic. If you, or someone you know, is suffering from depression and having suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 1-800-273-8255 Good Mourning America is your source for news and current events from a Satanic perspective, every week, only on the Third Side Network.

Join Texxx as he interviews Warlock Robert Leuthold as they discuss Satanism, depression, and much more. (Source:

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Satanists Aren’t Always Perfect by Satanist Alyssa Ross an article for The Black Flame—June, LI A.S. I’d like to reflect on a quote from Peter H. Gilmore found in his Satanic Scriptures. Essentially, it reads: “As Satanists, we strive for perfection, but sometimes fall into negative patterns.” This hits particularly close to home for me and has renewed my strength and confidence in myself. It takes strength to recognize when one is falling into negative patterns, and even more strength to pull oneself out of those negative patterns.  When one is on a course of self-destruction, it is up to […]