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Metal Grotto

The Metal Grotto Episode 083 “8-Year Satanniversary”

Time really flies, doesn’t it? Eight years ago, I got my first Red Card in the mail and I had no plans to do anything like this. I was nagged by friends, after having listened to RFS for years, so I finally relented. I started with Metal Invaders, and then transitioned to the Metal Grotto. I don’t regret a single show, and I appreciate all the assistance and listeners throughout the years As circumstance would have it, this week also marks RFS’ 20th anniversary. Thank you all so much, here’s to another eight plus years! Hail Satan! —DJ Warlock Hell […]

Metal Breakfast Radio

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 43.1

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 43.1 “In this mechanised clash of empires…” This show has been sat in the can awaiting release for a long time. So it gets a good dust off, and given a oily rub down. The last show recorded together before the lockdown started, and sadly the last one in the Gibbon room at Bob’s work, which has since closed. Good friend Laurs joins in once more as a guest to provide a fearsome foursome, and hilarity ensues. On this episode you’ll hear: Reactions to not cutting things off. Viking buttock death and crust-stroking Italians. Cheese-string […]

Metal Breakfast Radio

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 42.6

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 42.6 “Well, maybe he is…” We (and by that we mean Dave) finally got a show edited. And by that we mean half a show. Confused? Then we’ll explain. First half of this episode features the unusual suspects of Bob, Kent and Dave in all their somewhat drunken glory, giving it large with a selection of tracks delivered to the door from multiple nefarious sources. You may hear references to episodes that have yet to air, but that’s just the beer talking. We never got to finish that particular episode as the beer talked way […]

Metal Breakfast Radio Dave at 50

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 42.1

“All around my…” Dave turns 50! Usually on these celebratory occasions — or when he does a show alone, as he is this time — then it’s an indulgent episode. But NO, for this one Dave gives in to indulgence and returns the favour to boss of Transcending Obscurity Records by promoting the label sampler for 2019. Though there’s a minor indulgence toward the end; during the show Dave spins a demo version of a track from triple-fronted death metal monsters TROIKADON. This song only features Kam Lee on vocals (Karl and Dave have yet to record their parts) so […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

THE METAL GROTTO 57: CHOOSING DEATH  This week, after a brief hiatus, DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels returns with moldy Death Metal tracks from across the genre, featuring classics as well as some modern morbidities. Only on Radio Free Satan! Download Episode 57.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, JUST BEFORE DAWN & More from Warlock David Ingram  Some news regarding my forthcoming endeavours: 1. The new album from my band DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, titled “…And You Will Obey Me” is now up for pre-order at the link below. It’s available in standard CD format, limited edition box set, and digital. There are also T-shirts available, and a promotional video out now featuring the album’s title track: 5/5 Stars Review: Everything from the production and the composition right down to the cover artwork is just utterly perfect in every way, […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 41.1“…and that’s how the drowning Witch’s howl went…” Another 11th hour recording due to multiple factors, as explained on the show. Dave alone brings some new bands to the show, then rips right into the Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler for 2018, and what a scorcher it is too! There’s the usual nepotism, some classic tracks, and another bloody brilliant review by Big Mark Eve in his “Rabbiting Review” section. This show runs almost 30 minutes over, so revel in the extra extravagance. New content with the full MBR-monty is on its way! Download Episode 41.1

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Warlock David Ingram Update: European Tour, New Album, TROIKADON, & more.  After recently receiving the prestigious Satanic Warlock of the Year Award, David Ingram has not been resting on his laurels. In fact, he has attempted to double his workload. Here is an update on his current and future projects. JUST BEFORE DAWN Early 2018 sees David treading the boards onstage around Europe (and elsewhere) with war metal-heads Just Before Dawn. The band is a project between two Swedish gents, Anders Biazzi and Jonny Petterson, and they invite guest musicians to perform on their releases. So far, David has written 6 […]