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The Devil's Diary XXX

THE DEVIL’S DIARY XXX by Draconis Blackthorne

THE DEVIL’S DIARY XXX by Draconis Blackthorne COME FORTH! Upon this dark journey you travel upon a winding sinister path through skeletal trees which reveal an ominous diabolical church, overshadowing land like a darkhouse, emitting infernalight from the trapezoid steeple through compelling symbols of Power! BEHOLD! The doors creak open, a shadowy form bids you forwards, it feels like home… Embrace The Black Flame & Speak The Unholy Words! THE BOOK & those who have signed… Through SEASONS IN HELL we acknowledge Halloween displays & activities, SHADOW GALLERY apparitions from the Pit {with pieces from Adam Roberts & Zaemon Kane}, Satanic Panic Archives, darketypes, […]

Satanthology by Draconis Blackthorne

SATANTHOLOGY – Theater of Nightmares by Draconis Blackthorne

Your journey is about to begin… You travel along Route 666 where many strange & wonderful things can be seen once your eyes accustom to the darkness herein. The Devil’s pikestaff road sign emerges up from Hell directing you to your next destination throughout the Four corners of The Black Earth. Make your choice: 6. THE LEGEND OF HAUNTED DEVIL’S CANYON 6. THE LEGEND OF DEVIL LAKE 6. DEVIL’S GATE 13. BLOODTHORN MANOR Fantasy & reality are blurred in these shadowy dimensions, where the nightmares of your mind project onto reality, creating a world of invigorating terror! No turning back! […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

THE DEVIL’S DIARY XXIV: WALPURGISNACHT, L A.S. Witches & Warlocks crest upon devil winds, illuminated by lightning and hellfire to gather at Sabbaths dire, for Pleasure and Power! By the gloom of candle light’s flicker, and the dusking horizon, turn these arcane pages filled with forbidden undefiled knowledge, Magic & Sorcery. This grimoire issue materializes through darksome portals of diabolical thought to bring forth essays on sinful unholydays of Friday the 13th, Loki Day, Mardi Gras; Seasons In Hell activities, I-Theistic contemplations, theories on Witch Jayne Mansfield, spontaneous human combustion; plus Reign In Hell, misanthropic observations, Satanic Serenades, The Black […]

Draconis Blackthorne: The Shadow Gallery

As of last Friday the 13th, the “Black” version of the Codex Tenebrae has been released, which is presented in black & white print throughout as an alternative to the previously released full-color version. Please visit this page to see more and order your copy. And if you are an aficionado of Warlock Blackthorne’s work, don’t miss his music (with Dorian Gray) and art on the new Church of Satan Downloads page. And you’ll find new items available in his Zazzle store as well.

Draconis Blackthorne: CODEX TENEBRAE

THE SHADOW GALLERY – CODEX TENEBRAE – THE AESTHETIC MANIFESTATION Satanic Devilutions Over 220 full color framed archetypal illustrations are featured herein this diabolical photo book, detailing a myriad of nefarious metaphorical & occult concepts in a psychodramatic Horror-oriented style. This truly Wicked Tome contains a plethora of Traditional Drawings, sketches, and technomantic photo-manipulations, mixed media, complete with descriptions and story lines from cover to cover of infernal visions into the Abyss of the Shadow Side of the mind. A Word of Warning Dare you step inside this tenebrous gallery of terror-filled delights? The observer will be exposed to all […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


Into the Hellmouth… Seasons turn in shadows of The Abyss to let loose the daemons of the intellect & imagination in this most wondrous time of year, filled with mystery & enchantment galore. Take an invigorating stroll through Draconia to experience marvels & nightmares that please the senses; feast mind & body upon bountiful delights & ruminations. Enter The Shadow Gallery to witness dark manifestations straight from Hell.  A compendium of Samhain revery, herein is a bountiful cornucopia of Tricks & Treats awaiting throughout this infernal issue, featuring Satanic Serenades poetry, Black Earth activities, recipes for your cruelinary pleasure, Shadow […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


The Shadow Gallery Calendar Year L Anno Satanas: Now Available from the Autumnal Equinox through Halloween, Yule, for the forthcoming New Year!  The Seasons in Hell shift from Leviathan {Spring}, Satan {remmus}, Belial {Autumn}, to Lucifer {Winter}. This Satanic Calendar lists nefarious historical events, diabolical multimedia dates, Satanic Holidays, moon phases, and features infernal artistry throughout. Previous Calendars also available! CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE OR FOLLOW THIS LINK TO ORDER YOUR COPY: http://www.lulu.com/shop/draconis-blackthorne/shadow-gallery-calendar-l-as/calendar/product-21814801.html