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The Hudson Valley Black House, Winter 2022.


The Winter Solstice is again upon we denizens of the Northern Hemisphere. Nature’s might is awesome, always to be respected, and as our days at last begin to lengthen, the gelid outdoors contrast with our cozy indoor spaces here at The Black House in the Haunted Hudson Valley. In April of 1974, Isao Tomita released his album SNOWFLAKES ARE DANCING, which consisted of his arrangements of music by Claude Debussy for a Moog synthesizer and a Mellotron. Tomita’s sweeping, fanciful soundscapes captured a lush beauty that few expected could come from electronically generated sounds. The title work is a splendid means […]

Peter H. Gilmore: Threnody for Humanity

Threnody for Humanity by Peter H. Gilmore Now Streaming

My birthday week was rather a whirlwind this year, so I’m just catching up. Yes, my 64th birth anniversary was May 24, and I’m pleased to say I’m as vital as ever, with projects in the pipeline that will be announced in the proper course of their evolution. Reverend Andy Howl has done fantastic work in placing my two CD albums, SINFONIE SINISTRE and, more recently, THRENODY FOR HUMANITY on streaming platforms—Spotify, AppleMusic, and iTunes. Search for my name as the artist, Peter H. Gilmore, and you should find both of these albums, and some pieces I’ve done with Jimmy Psycho […]

Delay 5000 Isochronal Holding Pattern

D5K Meditative Drones on the Buchla

Delay 5000 is the catch all musical housing for ambient, noise and experimental audio projects by Rev. Sean Bonner and friends. This week they present a full hour of self generating meditative drones autonomously performed on the Buchla Music Easel thanks to the magic of random voltage. This constantly evolving soundscape builds an evocative atmosphere that can serve as a soundtrack to any number of household, office or bedroom activities. Check out Isochronal Holding Pattern here.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Vox Satanae – Episode 390 – Walpurgisnacht!  This week we hear works by Henry Purcell, Giuseppe Verdi, Bedřich Smetana, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, Antonín Dvořák, Eugen Suchoň, and High Priest Peter H. Gilmore with performances by Patricia Johnson, Margaret Baker, Margaret Lensky, Sheila Armstrong, Barry McDaniel, Tatiana Troyanos, Paul Esswood, The Monteverdi-Chor Hamburg, The North German Radio Chamber Orchestra, Sir Charles Mackerras, Željko Lučić, René Pape, David Crawford, Ashley Emerson, Jihee Kim, The Women of the Metropolitan Opera Chorus, The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Fabio Luisi, Ashley Wass, Chloë Hanslip, The BBC Symphony Orchestra, Michael Seal, Allison […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

New EP of Classically Inspired Music by Gyps Fulvus Turbulence & Tranquility is an EP of original orchestral music by Gyps Fulvus, influenced by concert composers & film composers of the past and contemporary times. Suspense, tension, clarity, & serenity are some of the many moods present within each of these works. Recorded between 2016-2018, these 5 compositions are diverse in style and vary in dynamic, texture, and emotion, inspired by the likes of Vangelis, John Cage, and Hans Zimmer. Click here to buy the physical CD for $7.99: Credit or PayPalOr click here to stream unlimited and buy the […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Ras Ün — “Ndinzengalg"  Sean David Stoltenburg’s latest project Ras Ün has released their first cassette "Ndinzengalg” on 12/21 through Orb Tapes. This is the first chapter of what will be a continuing mixed media project titled “The Book of Spheres”, which will tell the story of a Death archetype named Ndinzengalg.This cassette is exclusively available through Orb Tapes and is limited to only 25 physical copies that are available through their bandcamp for $5 a piece. They will sell out. Description from Orb Tapes: “Primordial rhythms and ambient soundscapes presented to the wayfarer as an eight part meditative cycle. This […]

Join Texxx as he interviews Reverend Raul Antony  Raul is a music journalist, podcaster, electronic music producer, and Reverend in the Church of Satan. His writing has been published in Heathen Harvest, The Black Flame, Not Like Most, and Judas Kiss. His current podcasts include Chaos Sedated (post-industrial), Black Signals (minimal techno, synthwave), The Forest Passage (outsider music discussion), and Den of Iniquity (Satanic culture). For more info about Rev. Raul Antony / For info about the Church of Satan (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

DARK AEON / WALDGEISTA dark song by Valentin Schwarz 19 minutes of dark-ambient psychedelia inspired by the deep forest. Follow this link to listen for free. HS! —Valentin Schwarz