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MALFORM: Negative Vibes

MALFORM: Negative Vibes

Malform is proud to announce their new full-length album: Negative Vibes. It features over an hour of various Noise compositions, ranging from sardonic to unsettling. Dedicated to the purveyors of toxic positivity and spiritual pipe dreams. Stream or download it here (name your price).

Malform: Limerence

“Limerence” by Malform and David Sinclair-Smith

Malform presents the new video for their song, “Limerence” featuring David Sinclair-Smith! The song is traditional Gothic Metal with electronic elements. The video accurately visualizes the song’s dark atmosphere and romantic lyrics while combining it with Satanism. Music by Malform, vocals and video by David Sinclair-Smith. Stream and download the song for free Watch the video below:


This Halloween marks the fourth birthday of the debut album from Gyps Fulvus, Nocturnes For Nightmares. Throughout the entire month of October, it’s on sale for $6.66 in digital download at Bandcamp.com. The album that started it all. A collection of nightmare inducing compositions that are fitting for the Halloween season. Recommended for listeners of dark ambient, horror-themed electronic music, and dark Classical music. Visit the official website for more news and current updates.