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Dark Aeon … A dark soundscape in three acts by Valentin Schwarz. On his homepage one can be fortuitous and purchase his new world of sound. HS! —V. Noir Dark Aeon … soundscape in three acts is $15, includes shipping.Valentin Schwarz

Every day we drive around in our reality.Our thoughts are but in the surreal world.But we do not realize how real our surreality.Ride in a hole —V. Noir A music video of Valentin Schwarz with the song Drive In A Hole from the album TERMINUS For more information go to:www.valentin-schwarz.ch (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)


A brand-new single by The Invisible War has just been released and is available for digital download now. Again, Again And Again is the follow-up of the full-length album Black Dragon Division. As a strongly experimental and retro-synthetic composition with sinister and hypnotic qualities it’s the perfect soundscape for the dark season.