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Reverend Count MoriVond reads Satanic Aesthetics

Reverend Count MoriVond reads “Satanic Aesthetics” by Peter H. Gilmore

Satanism and Realism, Naturalism, Romanticism, Expressionism, Idealism, Surrealism. The High Priest discusses the schools of these select art disciplines as they pertain to the religious philosophy of Satanism. DRACONIAN RADIO BROADCAST PULPIT is the clerical corner for the Alien Elite on The Internet where I read authentic Satanic canon, approved and sanctioned by the administrators of the Church of Satan. To show your support become a patron:​.​ For more readings of this work from my “Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit” check in Sunday evenings.

Nouvelle Catharsis by Bloody Jerry


Satanist Bloody Jerry is proud to announce his second book Nouvelle Catharsis—a collection of German Poetry. Structured in three chapters (Pathogenesis, Klinik and Therapeutikum), he offers an introspective journey through his own catharsis. Thus, you are cordially invited to accompany him on the glamourous and sleazy paths of literature. Inspired by the Satanic motives “Solve et Coagula,” the mythological Phoenix and Bertolt Brecht’s theory of drama; he championed and overcame his own demons and offers Inspiration for the reader’s own metamorphosis. Stylistic, it lingers somewhere between Dandyism, Expressionism and Surrealistic metaphors. The eBook version consists of 325 poems and various […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Valentin Schwarz — new paintings. Visit his newly updated web site for visual, musical and video art exploring dark realms of expression.


THE THREE TENORS / an original by Valentin SchwarzOil / blood / Mixed MediaFramed 60×40 cm Valentine Schwarz, known for his noir works in photography, film and music, for the first time in years has wrought a new brush painting in expressionistic color. Since the response to his earlier exclusive pieces has been large, this picture will be auctioned exclusively online. The auction begins now and runs until July 1st, 2014, and commences with a starting bid of $200. Bids can be sent via email directly to Valentin Schwarz. You are immediately notified if outbid or the high bidder. [email protected] With […]