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B&S About Movies: Church of Satan Film List

B&S ABOUT MOVIES: The 95 films on the Church of Satan film list

Originally compiled for Blanche Barton’s The Church of Satan — as approved by Magus Anton Szandor LaVey — the Church of Satan’s recommended film list is made up of films that LaVey enjoyed or felt exemplified Satanism. As Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan, explained to our site earlier his week, there’s no official Church positions on various artforms, since the basis of the Church’s philosophy is individualism. This allows members to have their own personal lists as well as reasons why they feel these movies are on the film list. We’ve been covering several […]

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SPEAK OF THE DEVIL: Fetish Films with Heidee Nytes Thursday, June 8th, 8pm MST Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Discusses Fetish Films with Heidee Nytes. We will be discussing the definition and history of fetish culture, as well as Heidee Nytes’ introduction, inspirations, women, age, and body image as it pertains to fetish films and life. Learn more about Heidee Nytes on her website, twitter, facebook, or tumblr. Sign Up to the Email List. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Give Speak of the Devil a Rating & Review. Hail Satan! —Reverend Campbell