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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

HORNS: WINTER SOLSTICE  On this Winter Solstice, HORNS Magazine competes with Boreas winter winds! Read about the history of Krampus as well as see him in action with a naughty boy! Read about greasing your broomstick and further your mastery of the Tarot. Take a peek into using edging for scrying and chapter two of DEMON SHOCK. This is the only Gay Grimoire and becoming an ever more powerful sigil for our cock sucking ilk! Get your copy here! Cover Credits: Photographer: BernardGPhotography (IG: @bgphotography2)Models: Bryan Knights (IG: @bryanknight66) and Joelsomeone (IG @joelsomeone)Makeup Artist: Charles Zambrano (IG: @astrobatboy )