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Raising Hell—The Satanic Perspective on Parenting: Episode LI – May 24th, 2017 – Innies & Outies Biological Imperatives and The Social Constructs of Gender w/ Witch Troj! Coterie Communique – Explaining Public Activism to Kids Available on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and Facebook!

Satan Loves Queers

by Witch Josie Gallows an article for The Black Flame—November, LI A.S. Many a street preacher has screamed “God Hates Fags” to pedestrians. Homosexuals and gender outlaws have been the scapegoats of religionists both moderate and extreme, and for thousands of years. As always men make God in their own image, rather than the reverse. It turns out he’s viciously petty and has a stake in the private ongoings of everyone, both great and inconsequential. I think it’s time for the symbolic response that “Satan Loves Queers.” It’s appropriately antagonistic, since many deviants have been compelled to argue within the […]

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Raising Hell Podcast Episode IV – Parenting From A Satanic PerspectiveRaising Hell is a discussion and education oriented podcast which takes an honest approach to promoting the individualist nature with which Satanists are born, emboldening our own youth to rise above herd-conformity through responsible parenting. Join Citizen Milton Cruver as he hosts the show every two weeks, and replaces the Devil you think you know, with the Devil you truly don’t! Available on Raising Hell Podcast, iTunes, Stitcher and Facebook! R.H. Ep IV – June 24th, 2015, Happy Fathers Day! RAISING HELL –  Our Amazing Fathers, and Fatherhood with Special […]