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Cardone: All Hail Godzilla!

Cardone: All Hail Godzilla!

This Friday March 26th, at 8 pm est, Reverend Cardone presents his Evening Hour program live on YouTube. This week’s episode is a tribute to the King of all Monsters, Godzilla! In honor of the new film “Godzilla vs Kong” that will be released in the US next week, Cardone will reminisce about his childhood favorite monster and his friends and talk about the cultural impact the Big G has had on planet earth! Episode #47 “All Hail Godzilla!” CARDONE ENTERTAINMENT

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THE DEVILS REIGN: DAIKAIJU The submission deadline has passed, but uploads are still being taken this week if you are running behind. The submission form is still active. We are very pleased with the hundreds of pieces submitted for the book and exhibition coming from HOWL towards the end of this year. We’ll be making selections over the the coming weeks. Daikaiju fans are in for a real treat! Here’s to celebrating our new golden age of giant monsters! We salute Gareth Edwards’ evocative GODZILLA, and Jordan Vogt-Roberts triumphant KONG: SKULL ISLAND, as well as upcoming Legendary MONSTERVERSE productions GODZILLA: KING OF […]