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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Speak of the Devil: Racism, Bigotry & Hate  Wednesday, March 21st / 8pm MST on Facebook Live.  Speak of the Devil—Reverend Campbell discusses Racism, Bigotry & Hate with Citizen Texxx. We will explore why it’s okay to denigrate one subsection of a species like ‘the herd’ in general, and political or social groups but not other subsections like ethnicity, sexual preference, or gender identity? How do Satanists deal with racism, bigotry and hate? Is it okay at all? Join Live with your comments and questions! Sign Up to the Email List Subscribe to the YouTube Channel Give a Rating & Review Hail Satan! […]

Be a good Christian, Hate the Gays

Be a good Christian, Hate the Gays What irks me about these kinds of stories is that people at large deny that these “hate mongers” are absolutely correct. Their faith does say that we are filthy and we will burn in Hell for all of eternity. The revisionists who claim that Christianity is strictly about love seem to forget that they are ordered to be witnesses and spread the Gospel in order to show their love for their neighbor. I like the way Fred Phelps put it “I can’t say that I love my neighbor without telling them that they are sinning, making […]