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RADIO FREE SATAN:  METAL INVADERS #138 This episode of Metal Invaders is brought to you by Warlock JNothing. This episode he plays you the sounds of: Crematory, Nattas, 6 Prong Paw, Debauchery, Mudvayne, Amon Amarth, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, The Acacia Strain, Bury Me Breathing, Breakdown, Lightning Swords of Death, Ancient Drive, and finishing up with some Damageplan. Radio Free Satan is a podcast network owned and operated by members of the Church of Satan. Listen to more curated music, comedy, commentary and interviews at radiofreesatan.com. Radio Free Satan on Facebook Radio Free Satan on Twitter

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CHILDREN OF PERDITION RADIO INTERVIEW Founder of Children Of Perdition and Church of Satan member, David Sinclair-Smith, appeared on the Australian Heavy Metal radio program “Aftershock” on Wednesday the 29th of June 2016. Host DJ Styx played select tracks off the Children Of Perdition debut album on the show and interviewed David in between songs to discuss the music, his history in the Australian Metal scene and personal insight into Satanism and the Church of Satan. The recording of the entire 2 hour show can be heard here.

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Metal Invaders Gluttony Day Special This week, Dj Hell On Wheels ditches the turkey and gives you something else to be thankful for by serving up a heaping helping of Metal! Only on Radio Free Satan!

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This week, DJ Hell On Wheels plays some requested Morbid Angel and various other tracks. Only on Radio Free Satan!


This week on Metal Invaders, the Cripplekeeper (Warlock HellonWheels’ alter ego) hijacks the show for his Cryptmas party, featuring various winter and holiday themed songs Only on Radio Free Satan!

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Tired of the same old Christmas songs poisoning the radio throughout the month of December? Then stop by and have “One Hell of a Christmas!!!”  “Helliday Mayhem” is a brand new single. Another pisstake on the winter holiday season, and what the masses perceive as a “wholesome” time of year. This one will have you banging your heads, thrashing around the tree, and violently tearing at things like……presents! Yule get a kick out of it! http://onehellofachristmas.bandcamp.comhttp://www.facebook.com/onehellofachristmas


Warlock Hell on Wheels returns to Metal Invaders after a long absence with a loose surgical theme Available only on Radio Free Satan.


Emma Hernandez of NOISEY by VICE spoke with our Reverend Bill M. (of The Devil’s Mischief) about what is and what is not Satanic in a piece entitled “Death to False Satanism.” For some this will be an eye-opener.

Malform: Extermination Process

“Extermination Process”, the debut album by MALFORM, has been remastered (by Gyps Fulvus) and re-released! Industrial, Punk and Metal are combined with brooding soundscapes, disturbing sound bites and nihilistic themes, to deliver a unique listening experience that challenges conventional thought and delves into the darkest realms of human existence. Visit WWW.MALFORM.NET to listen to the album for free, or donate to download!