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A Banquet of Panacea

Satanic Players Society: A Banquet of Panacea

Satanic Players Society presents A Banquet of Panacea Three families, whose lives have been torn apart by a serial killer, are brought together by Malakai Zhang. Their mysterious benefactor, who despite having supported them financially throughout the failed trial, still has one last offer of comfort to give them, if they are brave enough to take it. This story written by Rick Powell is included in the anthology created by Alder Strauss and Hydra M Star, Bon Appetit, Stories & Recipes for Human Consumption and is the first of three special episodes featuring material from this exciting collection.

Magus Peter H. Gilmore: Zann’s Reprise

Underworld Amusements is proud to announce a limited booklet edition of Magus Gilmore’s short story “Zann’s Reprise“, released in honor of his birthday on May 24th, 2019. 66 copies have been signed and numbered by Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. Featuring cover art by Andy Howl and typeset/designed by Kevin I. Slaughter. Available exclusively from Underworld Amusements. From the original release notes: “I’ve been a fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft since I began reading his tales at about age 10. Being a composer, naturally I was captivated by The Music of Erich Zann […]

Satanic Players Society: Blood Alley

Satanic Players Society: Blood Alley

NEW EPISODE, The Travelling Sideshow of the Macabre – Blood Alley Spring is in the air! That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t give you chills with a little horror and madness. One thing that does warm our hearts is celebrating a long time friend to the show, Yvonne Mason. In this episode she shares with us Blood Alley. Robert (Bubba) Haines a tobacco chewing, beer drinking, womanizing, wheelholder is running way behind schedule with a load to Miami, Florida on Hwy27—a highway that started up north and ended in Miami. Bubba was on a stretch of two lane blacktop […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Rick Powell: Teacher, A Tale of the Macabre Adolescence is tough on young boys. It is even tougher on young Percy. On top of having a crush on a girl in school, failing his Math class, and living with an abusive father, he does not know where to turn. A tutor enters his life that holds a solution to all that, but who or what is this captivating woman and what lessons will she teach him? A horrifying tale that shows that some lessons are best learned outside the classroom. Lessons written in blood. This is the first novella by […]