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Rev. Andy Howl tattooing at Nightshade Ink Tattoo

Rev. Andy Howl Tattooing in Cincinnati, Ohio – December 28-29

Reverend Andy Howl will be guest tattooing in Cincinnati, OH at Nightshade Ink Tattoo, December 28 & 29. Andy will be doing his highly collected Satanic flash tattoo designs, including the stylized devil shadow puppet designs he has become known for in Florida. Andy will also be doing select small to medium size custom tattoos on a case by case basis. Appointments are limited. To request a booking email [email protected] or DM him on Instagram @andy.howl Andy is best known internationally for publishing The Devils Reign series of art books, curated by Magus Peter H. Gilmore, over the last 6 […]

Andy Howl at the Tabernacle of Oddities

Reverend Andy Howl at the Tabernacle of Oddities expo in Ybor City, Tampa

Devils Reign art book producer, tattoo artist, and Church of Satan Reverend Andy Howl will be appearing at the inaugural Tabernacle of Oddities expo in Ybor City, Tampa. Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, August 2021. Andy will have Devils Reign books and merchandise available for sale and will also be tattooing a selection of his traditional Satanic blackwork designs.  The Devils Reign is an ongoing hardcover art book series curated by Church of Satan High Priest, Peter H.Gilmore. The series features more than 400 world famous painters, tattoo artists, and illustrators, along with both emerging artists and members of The […]

NPR's 3 Song Stories

Reverend Andy Howl on NPR’s “3 Song Stories”

Reverend Andy Howl on NPR’s “3 Song Stories: Biography Through Music—Episode 84” Andy and his wife Alainna run HOWL Gallery/Tattoo, and Andy co-founded the Fort Myers Art Walk and founded the Fort Myers Music Walk events. Andy published a yearly coffee table art book series entitled The Devils Reign, co-curated by Peter H. Gilmore and featuring world renowned tattoo artists, painters and illustrators. This year, Andy started an original heavy metal band, Burnedatthestake, and their debut performance will happen this Winter at HOWL Gallery. Burnedatthestake on Facebook and Instagram: @burnedatthestake.metal  3 Song Stories Episode 84: Andy Howl  

The Devils Reign: All Of Them Witches

All Of Them Witches: Book Release Party & Art Show

More event details for Devils Reign IV: All Of Them Witches book release party. Featuring a four act witch burlesque by Freckles Galore, Zia Sandia, Kitty Purrl, & Pixel Winters. December 1st. 6pm to Midnight. Curated by The High Priest of The Church of Satan, Peter H . Gilmore. EVENT TICKETS: WWW.HOWLFTMYERS.COM PRE-ORDERS: WWW.HOWLBOOKS.NET FaceBook Event Page

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Dangerous Minds:  Psychedelic Blasphemy! Diabolical Art Curated By The High Priest Of The Church Of Satan Last spring, Dangerous Minds told you about “The Devil’s Reign,” a traveling exhibit (and its companion book) of Satanic art curated by Peter H. Gilmore, author of The Satanic Scriptures, and the High Priest of the Church of Satan for fifteen years. The exhibit endeavored to explore expressions of the diabolical from many cultures, though it mostly focused on ancient deities that were repurposed as devils and demons by Christianity, and, as that’s a pretty damned (haha) fertile artistic field to harvest, a second […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

USA Today’s News-Press:  Satanic High Priest, Snowbird Talk About Fort Myers Art Show “There’s something guaranteed to offend everybody in this show,” says a grinning Peter H. Gilmore, high priest of the Church of Satan and a part-time Fort Myers resident. “That’s the idea. You have to shake yourself up, too. “If you have sacred cows of any sort, we’re going to butcher and roast them.” Howl Gallery debuted the first “The Devils Reign” exhibit last year and then took it on tour to New York and Massachusetts. It was the first art exhibit by the national atheist organization The […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

2 Days of Satanic Art & Music: The Devil’s Reign II Art Show, The Electric Hellfire Club, Satanic Burlesque with Jimmy Psycho Experiment, Nathan Gray Collective, and More! HOWL Books is pleased to announce complete details for our 2 day book release party in Tampa and Fort Myers.   Psychedelic Blasphemy is the second book in The Devils Reign series and features over 100 artists,  including tattooers, illustrators, painters, sculptors, and photographers.  The book includes art by S. Clay Wilson, a founding member of the 1960’s underground comic movement as well as many world famous artists, such as Mitch O’Connell, […]

Scheduled for Nov 28, 2016HOWL Books and The Devils Reign present: SINFONIE SINISTRE: CD listening party and liquid light show.LIVE at HOWL Gallery/Tattoo in Fort Myers, FL Music by Magus Perter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. The 40 minute retro electronica album by Gilmore will be accompanied by a live liquid light show overlayed with vintage black and white video loops and animations. Projected on HOWL’s 12ft film screen to a live audience in the gallery and here on youtube. Light show by Andy Howl and Jonathan Krichbaum. —————————-Buy the 40 minute CD with limited edition […]

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The Devil & Andy Howl: The Rad Dad Radio Hour podcast The Devils Reign publisher, Andy Howl interviewed on The Rad Dad Radio Hour podcast, episode 23.  Topics include The Devils Reign art book series,  Satanism,  Howl Gallery/Tattoo, tattoo culture, and The Walking Dead season premier. From the podcast: “Happy Halloween, Folks! This week The Rad Dads welcome Andy Howl, Owner of Howl Gallery and creator of the evil art project "The Devil’s Reign”. Andy joins us to talk about The Church of Satan, putting rumors to rest and enlightening us on the anti-religion itself. Andy bring us an insight […]