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ROLLINS: The Myth of Natural Rights

L.A. Rollins’ The Myth of Natural Rights—expanded edition!

Nine-Banded Books and Underworld Amusements are pleased to announce the release of a massively expanded edition of L.A. Rollins’ The Myth of Natural Rights. Available from: | Nine-Banded Books | Underword Amusements Marked by an incisive moral skepticism seldom encountered in libertarian discourse, Rollins’ original 1985 tract presented a blistering critique of one of the central tenets of the liberal  ⁠— and libertarian ⁠—  worldview: the idea that humans have unalienable rights merely because they are alive. While Rollins was not the first to question the philosophical basis for natural rights, his monograph received attention for its hard-hitting style and for its confrontational engagement with the arguments of the most recognized individualist advocates of […]


As the years pass, we have grown accustomed to the annual ghost shafts that gleam skywards from the grounds upon which the World Trade Center towers once stood. Do they summon forth fury aroused by the injustice of that atrocity, or are many people just wistfully recollecting the times before that day shattered their perceptions? I consider it worthwhile on this anniversary to recall the violence, sparked by a toxic theism, that murdered so many innocent folk who had a myriad of beliefs supporting them that as they sought to live and prosper. Sadly, the forms of religion which thrive […]

GODLESS CRANIUM:Talking About the Church of Satan with Reverend Darren Deicide (Source:

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STIRNER: THE UNIQUE AND ITS PROPERTY “Some call it The Anarchists’ Bible, others call it The Billionaires’ Bible”—Benjamin R. Tucker Buy from Amazon (choose location): US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT More information: Max Stirner was branded the Devil’s advocate in 1845 because the challenge to the powers-that-be was so great. His book was immediately banned by governments, became anathema among the churches and not even the Socialists or Humanists felt safe from his wrath. His book The Unique and Its Property was condemned as shaking the “cornerstones of all moral and social life.” […]

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Darren Deicide and Aden Ardennes will be hosted by Red Bank Humanists in a presentation on the similarities and differences between Satanism and Humanism.  August 20th, 6:30 pmMonmouth County Library1001 Broad StreetShrewsbury, NJ The event is free and open to the public. “Come learn why these individualistic Atheists use a religious character to embody their philosophy.” page.