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Christ as a Social Reformer

“Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red” By Arthur Desmond

Ragnar Redbeard Presents “Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red” By Arthur Desmond New Zealander Arthur Desmond (1859-1929) was a poet, author, political activist, unionist, and agitator. Nowadays he’s probably most famous for having written the infamous 1896 book Might is Right under the pseudonym Ragnar Redbeard. Presented here for the first time since 1890 is Arthur Desmond’s “Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red,” a collection of Desmond’s writings, poetry, and correspondence. All his published works in Zealandia which include rare Maori translations. His Union and strike articles. Critiques and controversy between the years 1889-1891. “Around […]

For Christ’s Sake!

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has denied Matthew Beck, an entrepreneur who has already registered “Hookers for Jesus” and Redneck Jesus” his attempt to trademark the name “Porno Jesus” for a line of adult entertainment products. Attorney’s for the office said the name “consists of or comprises immoral or scandalous matter” and “includes matter which may disparage or bring into contempt or disrepute persons, institutions, beliefs or national symbols.” The appeals board was worried the mark links Jesus with pornography and could upset Christian Americans. Hmmm, wonder if the Trademark Office folks would have a problem with “Porno Satan”? […]