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Witchcraft District Bazaar 7 Day Candles

Just in Time for Walpurgisnacht – Anton LaVey, Baphomet, and Joe Netherworld Candles!

Priestess Renée is now offering three wonderfully wicked Satanic candles exclusive to her store, Witchcraft District Bazaar. Available just in time for your Walpurgisnacht celebrations, you can add one, or all three, of these 7 Day Spell Candles to your altar or home: Doktor Anton S. LaVey—Founder and first High Priest of The Church of Satan. Baphomet—symbol of self-empowerment, creativity, and lust. Magister Joe Netherworld—crowned Witch King of the Witchcraft District, aka Poughkeepsie. Quantities are limited, but they will be regularly restocked. All orders from Church of Satan Members will receive special bonuses! Search “7 Day Spell Candle” on the […]

Halloween 2021 at The Black House

Halloween 2021: The Witchcraft District Reigns!

We Satanists find Halloween to be a holiday that celebrates the outsider, the other, those who are not like most. It is on this night that the “normals” tend to explore their own quirks and inner-darknesses by wearing costumes that often reveal aspects of themselves typically hidden during the rest of the year. Since Satanism is an individualist religion, we embrace our oddness without stinting, for we don’t require the permission of a special day and night to be honest about our true nature. For us, Halloween is a continuing state of both mind and practice. On this night, we […]

The Devil's Mischief: Halloween 2020

The Devil’s Mischief #644: Halloween Special

The Devil’s Mischief #644 Hop in the time machine with Bill M. for a 1970s HALLOWEEN NOVELTY special! The Devil’s Mischief turns focus from comedy to novelty with a unique selection of 13 Halloween-fitting songs from the 1970s, plus vintage TV commercials, horror movie trailers, and more!  Did the decade have its own sub-genre of Halloween rock?  Listen and decide! Stream The Devil’s Mischief #644. Download The Devil’s Mischief #644.

Metal Grotto

Metal Grotto Episode 80: A Hellenic Metal Tribute to Baron Blood

This week’s show features DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels paying tribute to not only Baron Blood of Necromantia, but a second tribute at the end of the show (listen to the end). Only on Radio Free Satan! Stream Metal Grotto Episode 80. Download Metal Grotto Episode 80.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


Saturday, October 25 at 6:00pmCunneen-Hackett Arts Center, 9 Vassar St, Poughkeepsie, New York 12601 An awesome pre-Hallloween entertainment event featuring the macabre magic of Adam Cardone and the music of theFive Points Band 2 great shows on one night! The House of Ghostly Haunts: Spook Show $13A classic “spook show” with macabre magic and all the scares and dares of master magician CARDONE Sinister Songbook with the Five Points Band $13All the songs of the season presented by the masters of satirical gothic blue grass/horror movie rock and roll See both shows for just $20

Magister Joe Netherworld’s July 4th Tarot Reading: “Find Your True Freedom” (Source:

Magister Joe Netherworld: Full Moon and Supernatural Events A Tarot Reading for Friday, June 13th, 20014  (Source:

Magister Netherworld’s tarot reading celebrating Anton Szandor LaVey’s Birthday. (Source: