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Ladies & Gentlemen… by Magister George Spraguean article for The Black Flame—March, LI A.S. “…Your attention please!” Such delightful words, uttered by those who wish to direct attention towards themselves or an event that is about to happen. The connotation is there: those being addressed are presumed to be ladies, and gentlemen. However, how often is that not the case? How often is the polite call for attention reciprocated with rudeness by some?

 After all, there are exceptions everywhere. At every gathering, there are those who simply do not want to engage in civil discourse and behavior. Their actions and […]

The Black Flame article - Ritual Alchemy: The Magic of Brewing by Reverend Campbell

Ritual Alchemy: The Magic of Brewing

an article for The Black Flame—January, LI A.S. al·che·my   /ˈalkəmē/nounA seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. Brewing Is Magic From our ancient history, we humans have sought power over those around us. To create and destroy is inherent in our DNA. On the rare occasion, there are those of us who step outside of the herd and demand more. We demand authority over those around us and respect from those who claim to know us. Of those rare few are an even smaller few who rather than just wanting authority, take it. This is done most often through […]

The Secret Conversation

Men say, “uh,” and women prefer, “um,” according to a recent study of conversational filler words. It seems that, in many cases, “uh” is used by men to prevent others from speaking, while “um” shows that a woman might be listening or thinking. This is in keeping with the gender contrasts explored most unabashedly in Anton LaVey’s The Satanic Witch. So if an outwardly macho man says “um,” that could be your secret clue that he’s hiding a more sensitive side. That’s what we call, uh, Lesser Magic. —Warlock M. Mandrake