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Satanic Players Society: M.R. Stover's SIREN

Satanic Players Society: M. R. Stover’s SIREN

M. R. Stover’s SIREN In this episode we bring you the concluding part to Stormcaller. This is the final story that was given to us by the late M. R. Stover. Jacoby Ash, a Revenant of hell has been dispatched to take care of the problem in Athens, created by the arrival of the Sirens. This is going to be the fight of his life as he has to take on not one, but seven creatures from the underworld—all of whom are as powerful in their seduction as in their savagery.

Satanic Players Society: STORMCALLER

In this episode we are honoured to bring you the penultimate story that was given to us by the late M.R. Stover. Once again we delve into his twisted imagination as he brings us the prelude to another wonderful Jacoby Ash adventure. Monsters from the deep have invaded the land and begin their murderous rampage, dispatching men, woman and children alike. With humanity helpless it is up to the forces of hell to quash this incursion.

In Memoriam M.R. Stover

In Memoriam M. R. Stover

“This Wednesday on Walpurgisnacht we lost a valuable member and dear friend. Here the Ringmaster pays tribute to Mat Stover, a brilliant writer and a tremendous human being. He will be sorely missed!”

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SATANIC PLAYERS SOCIETY: THE CABIN NEW EPISODE – Greetings one and all, welcome to our spooky offerings for Friday the 13th! We are delighted to bring you another terrifying tale from the twisted pen of M.R. Stover. Spring has sprung and with the lengthening days children can enjoy going out to play. One such child does just that. Enter little Dean an adventurous boy blissfully unware that he is about to take part in a chain of events that will change the world forever!

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SATANIC PLAYERS SOCIETY PRESENTS ACKWOOD  Happy new year one and all! This episode features a sneak preview from the upcoming novel The Knights of Azan’Kru, the sequel to The Thirteen Knights of Death created by M.R. Stover. Follow Ack as he tries to make his escape from the relentless pursuit of the knights, only to find himself in further hot water as he encounters the islanders of Se’, a cannibalistic tribe who have turned their hands to the slave trade. Ackwood

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Stover: “The Cabin” in Possessions 3  A young boy named Dean stumbles across possessed toys in a run down cabin in the woods. What he unlocks is a tale of murder, suicide, human sacrifice and has apocalyptic consequences.  Get your copy on amazon

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New Chapter in M.R. Stover’s Dark Fantasy Series Now Available Chapter Five is now available on Amazon Glom has gathered thousands upon thousands of its Slave-Soldiers to assault the vast Southern Fortress of Apal. Bloodstone. Join Prethor as he and the forces of Apal fight the invading army as they besiege Desolations Gate and fight upon the walls of Bloodstone over The Path of Blood. Kindlehttps://www.amazon.com/Bloodstone-Chapter-Thirteen-Knights-Death-ebook/dp/B01MECEDXW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476122714&sr=8-1&keywords=Thirteen+Knights+of+Death Printhttps://www.amazon.com/Bloodstone-Chapter-Thirteen-Knights-Death/dp/1539414167/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1476122714&sr=8-2&keywords=Thirteen+Knights+of+Death

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Author M. R. Stover will be a guest host for author David Blackthorn’s newest book release “Butcher Island” M. R. Stover will be the first guest to chat with the public about his writings, upcoming books and podcast productions, along with general Q & A for an hour during the event. Lineup: 2-3pm pst/5-6pm est: Kathy Dinisi3-4pm pst/6-7pm est: David Blackthorn4-5pm pst/7-8pm est: Gina Moray5-6pm pst/8-9pm est: Donald Armfield6-7pm pst/9-10pm est: Mat Stover7-8pm pst/10-11pm est: Special Guest

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Satanic Story Time: Episode 33 – Vineyardwith Special Guest M. R. Stover Now available in Android, Google Play, iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher, www.satanicstorytime.com, and at www.radiofreesatan.com. The Devil’s Tuning Fork: M. R. Stover has carefully selected the following tracks for The Devil’s Tuning Fork: “An Ominous Awakening” from Gyps Fulvus’ brand new album, The Lich, “Sanctus Diavolos” from Rotting Christ, and “Enter the Hall of Ice” from Aghast. The Devil’s Workshop: M. R. Stover has bestowed his story, “Vineyard”, Chapter 1 of The Thirteen Knights of Death for its audio adaptation for Satanic Story Time. This audio adaptation takes on some […]