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SUSAN RUTH INTERVIEWS MAGISTRA RUTH WAYTZ Hey Human Podcast Episode 72: Freedom, Joy and the Church of Satan with Magistra Ruth Waytz.

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Magistra Ruth Waytz on Sunday Night Babylon Our Magistra Ruth Waytz discusses being the publisher of THE SATANIC WARLOCK as well as being the Witch of the Year! 

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Confessions of a Wicked Witch #31 In February, you heard the results of the annual “Witch of the Year” award. Now hear the new & exclusive interview with the winner, Magistra Ruth Waytz!  Hear a discussion on some of Ruth’s 2016 accomplishments (including the Church of Satan’s 50th anniversary activities and the publishing of “The Satanic Warlock”), her time with Anton LaVey, and more. Follow this link to listen.

A Moment With Magistra Ruth Waytz Join me as I interview Magistra Ruth Waytz. We discuss The Satanic Warlock, Anton LaVey, and much more. —Citizen Texxx (Source:

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Magus Peter H. Gilmore & Magistra Ruth Waytz on NPR: Satanism: Religion, Philosophy, Lifestyle Colin McEnroe talks to the Church of Satan about the core principles of Satanism, spending time with Anton LaVey, how it differs from secular humanism, and more. John Crow joins them to discuss the academic study of Satanism. Link:

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It Ain’t Murder if it Took 33 Years

In a bizarre turn of events (contorting both the law and the dictionary to their very limits), the DC Medical Examiner has ruled James Brady’s death A HOMICIDE. The reasoning being that the injuries he received 33 years ago led to his death. Um, excuse me, but if it took 33 years that’s not what killed you, James. Sure, the injuries compromised him, even changed him irrevocably. But “killed” him? I don’t think so. I didn’t see the autopsy or the report, but I find the whole idea impossible. Every one of us has a 100% mortality rate, meaning this […]

These stories about Jews using baby blood for matzohs—OY!

Hard to believe we’re seeing this story in good ol’ 2014, but here it is. Ah, the classics. These yarns sure do make my Jew horns ache, especially since everybody knows it’s the dang CAT-LICKS what drink blood and eat skin. —Magistra Ruth Waytz

Ebola & the Hubris of Altruism

A 33-year-old doctor in Africa and a 60-year-old missionary have both contracted Ebola, and both will likely die. In a made-for-tv-movie scenario, there’s ~only enough serum for one person~ so the doctor insists it go to the old lady. People are using this to illustrate how awesome and selfless the doctor is, saying that Even Now he “puts the needs of others above his own needs.” I, on the other hand, think this is a rotten stinking act of hubris. As a DOCTOR, he is far more valuable to the African people, and as such HE should get the serum. […]