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The Arab World’s Version of the Ice Bucket Challenge: Burning ISIS Flags

This is a “challenge” I can get behind. —Priestess Kim Rice As deserving as this symbolic blasphemy may be, I question the ultimate agenda of some of these activists and the feasibility of their goals. If you taunt marauding jihadists, you may have to consider being prepared to match violence with violence. Ultimately, who picks up the bill? —Reverend Raul Antony I find it heartening that some in the Arab world are using mockery to deal with the rabid dogs of the Islamic State. If only a musician from that region would retool Spike Jones’ “Der Führer’s Face” to suit the situation. […]

MONSTER SERIAL: An introduction by Magus Peter H. Gilmore

From The Collinsport Historical Society site: “Editor’s note: A few weeks ago, someone on asked me why I was encouraging people to follow the Church of Satan on Twitter. The short answer? Because they’ve been good to The Collinsport Historical Society. The Church of Satan has been willing to provide signal boosts to our various projects during the last year. It’s leader, Magus Peter H. Gilmore, provided some kinds words about our work for inclusion on the jacket of our first book, MONSTER SERIAL. If that wasn’t enough, he also wrote the introduction to the follow-up, BRIDE OF MONSTER SERIAL. Below is the full text […]


The very limited special-edition vinyl of Spawn of the Psycho is now available for preview and pre-order! There are three vinyl options: Blood Splatter/Clear Vinyl, Blood Red Vinyl, and “Random” colored vinyl (no two are alike). You may watch a preview video of the songs and read the official press release on this page.  This includes the track “Boldly Stand” with Magus Gilmore speaking a text from Ragnar Redbeard’s MIGHT IS RIGHT.

“The Great Satan” Rescues “Devil Worshippers”

The United States’ militia has assisted Yazidi refugees—a sect long reviled for misperceived “devil worship” by Muslims and Christians—to escape from Mount Sinjar where they fled persecution by the extremist Islamic State militants. Some still remain near their shrine at the summit. Magus Anton Szandor LaVey paid the Yazidis tribute with a meditative ritual based on their sacred texts published in his THE SATANIC RITUALS (1972) celebrating their peacock angel, Melek Taus. Religious persecution of those deemed to be devotees of The Devil by theists is quite active in the 21st century—some things never seem to change. —Magus Peter H. Gilmore