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The Metal Grotto Episode 083 “8-Year Satanniversary”

Time really flies, doesn’t it? Eight years ago, I got my first Red Card in the mail and I had no plans to do anything like this. I was nagged by friends, after having listened to RFS for years, so I finally relented. I started with Metal Invaders, and then transitioned to the Metal Grotto. I don’t regret a single show, and I appreciate all the assistance and listeners throughout the years As circumstance would have it, this week also marks RFS’ 20th anniversary. Thank you all so much, here’s to another eight plus years! Hail Satan! —DJ Warlock Hell […]

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THE METAL GROTTO 57: CHOOSING DEATH  This week, after a brief hiatus, DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels returns with moldy Death Metal tracks from across the genre, featuring classics as well as some modern morbidities. Only on Radio Free Satan! Download Episode 57.

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Catch the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts on every week! Latest episodes include Franz Liszt, The Cramps, Slayer, Judas Priest, The Cars, Cutting Crew, Morbid Angel, Emperor, and much more. THE METRO #294 This week on The Metro, Citizen JNothing brings you the sounds of Paul Young, Amazulu, Joe Carrasco & The Crowns, Nick Straker, Eddie Grant, Cutting Crew, Chaka Khan, Let’s Active, The Flying Pikets, The Cars, Moses, Madness, Fpi Project, Bill Nelson, and finsihing up with 1927. CLINT MEPHISTO’S ROAD SHOW EPISODE 139 Clint Mephisto’s Shit Kickin Road Show Episode 139, week of July 12th. Coming […]

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This week, DJ Hell On Wheels plays some requested Morbid Angel and various other tracks. Only on Radio Free Satan!