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When self-proclaimed “satanists” commit heinous acts that grab headlines, journalists typically tend not to point out that their deeds are incongruent with our philosophy of Satanism—which we have accurately presented to the public for nearly 50 years—nor do they explain that there is no organization nor any philosophical literature that would support the committed crimes. We step up to make that point and it is then said that we are “distancing ourselves” from these criminals when in fact there is already a vast gulf between our philosophy and such behavior. It is not that we’ve embraced and then disowned these […]


Satanism is an atheist philosophy which does not condone sacrifices nor does it support murder. Our stance on criminal acts is that the punishment should fit in kind and degree the crimes committed. The admitted devil worshipper pictured below left is a theist, not a Satanist. Regardless of what fictional entity is being worshipped, many now grasp that extremist theism worldwide promotes acts of savage injustice. Today murders, beheadings, sexual slavery and torture are stock-in-trade for many people of “faith” and such deeds are often inflicted on those who do not share the beliefs of the perpetrators. Sadly, we can […]

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9/11 Thoughts, 2014 C.E.

On this anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed many who were simply going about the business of enjoying their lives, it is apt to recall the danger that extremist religions pose to those who are not their adherents. In the past year we have seen journalists beheaded, individuals executed for practicing “sorcery,” children captured for sexual slavery, and people of all ages and genders slaughtered for believing otherwise than their captors. Yet even those who would not be deemed “religious extremists” still follow the age-old practice of intolerance towards non-believers and others who do not share their particular scripture-based […]