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Reverend Count MoriVond

Reverend Count MoriVond reads The Satanic Scriptures

From Reverend Count MoriVond’s “Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit” – more readings of Magus Gilmore’s The Satanic Scriptures.  We continue with the High Priest’s essay “Diabolus in Musica” in five parts, where various classical composers of Satanic interest are discussed. Followed by the essays “Idol Pleasures,” “Hell Of A Town,” a tribute to Satanism’s founder: Anton Szandor LaVey and finally a succinct tribute to the birthplace of the Church of Satan: The Black House on California Street in San Francisco. Diabolus in Musica I Diabolus in Musica II Diabolus in Musica III Diabolus in Musica IV Diabolus in Musica V Idol […]

Adel Souto: This Hidden City

Adel Souto: This Hidden City

Writer, and photographer, Adel Souto is extremely proud to announce his newest book, This Hidden City, is now available for purchase. Are you visiting New York City any time soon? If so, you will certainly want to carry this book with you. Sixty-three entries, covering all five boroughs (plus two islands), mentioning over 200 sights and sites you have to see in The City That Never Sleeps. Complete with almost 300 photos, and six maps, showcasing weird art, odd locations, bizarre history, and morbid landmarks very few visit, or even know about. This is a must for anyone who loves […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Bowery Boys Review “New York is Hell” ( Benjamin De Casseres, Peggy Nadramia) In a terrific anthology of his writings New York Is Hell, the breadth of his obsession with New York — and his disgust at those changes he deems withering — is on full display.  As Peggy Nadramia writes in the intro, “DeCasseres was writing about New York a century ago, but his complaints are identical to mine: Things have changed — the great watering-holes are gone — you can’t have a good time anymore. Don’t all we old-timers say the same thing?” Read the full review at […]


TALES OF POE (featuring Lucien Stanton DeVille) will be having its NYC premier at the New York City Horror Film Festival on November 14th (Program 3) at Tribeca Cinema, after a successful premiere at Grauman’s Theater in LA. Get tickets now at Adult—"a magazine of contemporary erotics and experience"—features Warlock DeVille (pictured above) in a piece about Satanism in NYC photographed by Sam Evans-Butler that will appear in their second issue. It includes images of his diabolical memorabilia. Click on this link for outtake images from the piece.

Who Gets to March?

Just when the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade lifts its ban on openly gay participants, Louisiana is upholding its ban on same-sex marriage. Louisiana, abetted by Judge Martin L. C. Feldman of Federal District Court, has interrupted the steady progress toward justice in marriage laws across the United States, enforcing theocracy in the name of “democracy.” A Catholic tradition is loosening is restrictions while Louisiana allows bigots to infringe upon the rights of others. For now, same-sex couples in Louisiana won’t be marching down the aisle. But, as a straight New Yorker with roots in Nawlins, I’ll raise a glass of […]