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Malform returns with their first new album in seven years: Khaos. Khaos features a discordant mix of Digital Hardcore, Black Metal, Drum & Bass, Industrial Metal, Punk, Noise, and Dark Ethereal. Available at for streaming and download. Name your price! MALFORM on Bandcamp.

Delay 5000 Isochronal Holding Pattern

D5K Meditative Drones on the Buchla

Delay 5000 is the catch all musical housing for ambient, noise and experimental audio projects by Rev. Sean Bonner and friends. This week they present a full hour of self generating meditative drones autonomously performed on the Buchla Music Easel thanks to the magic of random voltage. This constantly evolving soundscape builds an evocative atmosphere that can serve as a soundtrack to any number of household, office or bedroom activities. Check out Isochronal Holding Pattern here.

Malform: Limerence

“Limerence” by Malform and David Sinclair-Smith

Malform presents the new video for their song, “Limerence” featuring David Sinclair-Smith! The song is traditional Gothic Metal with electronic elements. The video accurately visualizes the song’s dark atmosphere and romantic lyrics while combining it with Satanism. Music by Malform, vocals and video by David Sinclair-Smith. Stream and download the song for free Watch the video below:

Metal Breakfast Radio

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 43.1

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 43.1 “In this mechanised clash of empires…” This show has been sat in the can awaiting release for a long time. So it gets a good dust off, and given a oily rub down. The last show recorded together before the lockdown started, and sadly the last one in the Gibbon room at Bob’s work, which has since closed. Good friend Laurs joins in once more as a guest to provide a fearsome foursome, and hilarity ensues. On this episode you’ll hear: Reactions to not cutting things off. Viking buttock death and crust-stroking Italians. Cheese-string […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Reverend Raul Antony Reviews Latest Single from Queer Noise Project STRAIGHT PANIC Reverend Raul Antony provides commentary on “Boys’ Academy”, the new single from STRAIGHT PANIC’s upcoming Religious Liberty Task Force cassette. Thomas Boettner conjures the iconoclastic anti-religious power electronics of classics such as The Grey Wolves‘ Catholic Priests Fuck Children and Con-Dom‘s All In Good Faith. ‘Boys’ Academy’ displays a more focused and mature sound from 2017 album The Satanic Verses, opening with Baptist Pastor Sean Harris’ godly anti-gay diatribe over emotionally looped and distorted pads, devoured by vintage flanged vocals and oscillated synth feedback. Throwback is the new […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Kenneth Anger and Brian Butler’s Technicolor Skull’s “Mark VI” Review  Heathen Harvest editor and podcaster Reverend Raul Antony presents the following review of the latest tape release from Kenneth Anger and Brian Butler’s Technicolor Skull project. Forget for a moment who made this, and just listen to it—although ‘listen to’ is not quite the correct injunction because this is not music in any normal sense. Mark VI is entirely free of conventional referents or of any consensual reality signifiers. There is no discernible structure nor anything resembling movement or progression. There is no resolution and no obvious beginnings or endings either. […]