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It’s no surprise that the recent debut of the trailer for the film adaptation of the “50 Shades of Grey” novel has generated predictable buzz, what with millions of online views, spotlighting the great unwashed masses’ never-ending lust for the deliciously dark, albeit forbidden pleasures of the flesh—this time BDSM style. Despite the ad nauseum of the mainstream phenom, the sordid interest does underline what Satanists instinctively know and celebrate on a daily basis. We are carnal creatures that embrace the pleasures of the flesh. And more importantly, accept even that which is often considered taboo and outside of the […]


Sinning This Summer? Let Old Nick Really Heat Things Up! If you’ve missed some of Old Nick’s most popular features and Satanically stimulating photo spreads here’s your chance to catch up on what you’ve been missing! After the successful release of our Classic Issue, readers clamored for more vintage Old Nick. So, we’re giving the Devil his due and we’ve put together this special Throwback Issue with a brand new centerfold layout of Temptress Jezebel along with other surprises! Get this Collector’s Edition while it lasts! The print issue can be found on MagCloud. The more explicit digital XXX edition […]


Special Walpurgisnacht “Satanic Sex Rites” Issue of Old Nick Now Available! That’s right, it’s time to celebrate spring lust – and no better way than with the latest issue of Old Nick!       Chock-full of delicious goodies, this edition features: Real Old Nick Chick Lilith – NUDE! – The creator of Encyclopedia Satanica! Extreme horror writer Edward Lee’s howling good fiction! Nudie card nostalgia! Surefire tips for getting your Satanic Witch in the mood! And a bevy of beautiful dark-side babes! Get your Collector’s Print Copy at MagCloud                                                              or  The explicit XXX Digital Version WITH VIDEO at SkinMagz