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Cardone: OPULENCE—Cursed

Cardone: OPULENCE—Cursed

Paranormal exploration, failed reality television and evil occult rituals abound in “CURSED” the video by Reverend Cardone‘s band OPULENCE. Read the piece on REVOLVER.

Bob (MovieBob) Chipman here deftly and exhaustively catalogs the numerous merits of GHOSTBUSTERS, even detailing the context of the 1980s surge of Christian fear of the occult leading to the rising tide of what many call “The Satanic Panic.” This video is 37 minutes in length and well worth your viewing if you are a fan of this film as well as intelligent, articulate film appreciation. Many Satanists (and secularists) I know have long enjoyed GHOSTBUSTERS for its abundant humor and theme of science overcoming superstition as well as for the Lovecraftian aspects included in its wide-ranging mockery of supernatural horror. If […]

St. Albans Sanatorium decoded by Reverend Corvis Nocturnum. Adam and Rebecca interview Occult specalist Corvis Nocturnum on Satanic Symbols found in the subterranean levels of the St. Albans Sanitarium. (Source: