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The Devil in the Details

The Devil in the Details: Anton LaVey, CSICOP and Pseudo Science

In the latest episode of his podcast The Devil in the Details, Warlock Sword, the Satanic Skeptic, dives into a long out-of-print essay of Anton LaVey’s, “Backlash”, and examines LaVey’s opinions of pseudoscience and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Spotify / Apple Podcasts

The Order of Chaos Podcast

The Order of Chaos Podcast interviews Magister Carl Abrahamsson

In this episode of the occult and paranormal podcast, Sanhre Daffowt interviews Magister Carl Abrahamsson, an author, artist, creator of the documentary “Into The Devil’s Den” and a long time member of the Church of Satan. Order of Chaos: Carl Abrahamsson on Satanism

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ADX – FILES Episode 91: Marquis H KSatanism, Hellfire Caves & Other Dark Places  Alyson Dunlop chats with Marquis H K, a writer, traveller, and Warlock with the Church of Satan. A very surprising and illuminating show.

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Church of Satan on Haunted Voices Radio, Tuesday August 1st  Reverend Raul Antony will discuss Satanism and more this Tuesday night 9/8c on Haunted Voices Radio. As an explorer of outsider culture, Raul Antony has been writing and podcasting since 2004. He’s currently an journalist and podcast producer for Heathen Harvest, a DJ at Radio Free Satan, and Reverend for the Church of Satan. As a Satanic Priest he’s been interviewed on podcasts, radio, and international TV covering Satanism and the history of the Church of Satan.

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Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews Dr. Robert Ing Saturday, March 11th 1pm MST Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews Dr. Robert Ing about his East York Museum, professional paranormal & forensic analyst practices, and much more! Learn more about Dr. Robert Ing on his websites:, &

Our Reverend Raul Antony is interviewed by Tony and Walt of Truth Be Told. (Source:

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Reverend Raul Antony of the Church of Satan will be a guest on UBN’s “Truth Be Told” this Friday, July 24th. Listen live at 4PM PST on Channel 1 More info on the show and hosts at (Warning: Autoplaying Video)


Magus Gilmore has an extended conversion with Al Warren. Click here or on the image above and then scroll down to the ninth row to hear the show. Also available on PodOmatic. And Spreaker.