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Tales From The Black Lodge, Episode 1: The Vessel

Tales From The Black Lodge, Episode 1: The Vessel

Award-winning purveyor of fine porn, Dave’s Custom Media, offers the first in a series of hardcore erotic fantasies: Tales From the Black Lodge, Episode 1: The Vessel. Inspired by Pope Francis’ admission that Roman Catholic priests abused nuns and subjected them to sexual slavery, this film presents an imagined situation wherein a nun is held as a concubine in a subterranean chamber in the Vatican with the purpose of her being the conduit for the apocalypse in a bizarre  S&M sex ritual. The film has the atmosphere of a vintage “stag film,” and is presented as a look into a […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

I’m a Satanist and…I Got to Interview a Magister of The Church of Satan!  Satanist imasatanistand interviews Magister David Harris, covering topics such as pornography, male/female dynamics, movies, music and comedy.