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Illustration: Prometheus Brings Fire to Mankind by Friedrich Heinrich Füger

To a Prosperous, Healthy New Year!

Tomorrow begins year LVI, Anno Satanas. This past year has been one of distress, a “sturm und drang” roller-coaster ride abetted by a global pandemic that caused numerous deaths and the collapse of many enterprises, reminding us of the fragility of the societies we’ve crafted. Many take social constructs for bedrock, but certain events prove them to be but gossamer configurations, torn asunder with a swiftness that alarms the naive, confirming the fundamental cynicism of those of us who carefully observe our history. There is a leaden inertia to the social order. Humans strive for instant gratification, resisting preparations for […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Prometheus is proud to share this update of his unconventional little side-project Der Torso (German Underground Rap infused with a decent dose of Death Metal) which has led to the release of the brand-new single Phantomschmerz that is available for digital download. Der Torso präsentiert seine neue Single Phantomschmerz und setzt mit seiner ungewöhnlichen Verschmelzung von deutschem Underground-Rap,Death Metal und Retro-Videospielsounds neue Maßstäbe.