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Prose From The Shadows 4: We Will Remember Them

Prose From The Shadows 4: We Will Remember Them

In this Remembrance Sunday special. The Ringmaster performs a short selection of war poetry to commemorate the fallen of WW1 and subsequent conflicts. Poetry includes Answer to only a volunteer, The Royal Irish Rangers Poem, The Ulster Defence Regiment Soldier, Flanders Fields and For the Fallen.

Prose from the Shadows: Autumn's Embrace

Prose from the Shadows, Episode 3: Autumn’s Embrace

“The warmth of Summer has now left us and the world prepares to harvest for the lean months to follow. We relish the creeping darkness with poetry from David Estringel, Delilah Astarte, Lynn White, Ray Prew and Vanessa Rowan. Huddle a little closer as the light of the day continues to wane.”

Prose from the Shadows: Summers Waning

SATANIC PLAYERS SOCIETY: Prose from the Shadows — Summers Waning

As we leave the Summer Solstice behind and begin our journey towards autumn, the Magician brings you a little taste of the darkness to come. This episode features contributions by Clover Martin, Colin Martin, Damhe Clarrah, Delilah Astarte and Draconis Blackthorne. Once again our gratitude goes out to Matt Barnett and Russel Sprake for providing the musical accompaniment.

Prose from the Shadows, Episode 1 Walpurgis 2019

Prose from the Shadows (Walpurgis 2019)

Greetings and Happy Walpurgisnacht! To celebrate this delightfully Witchy time we are pleased to bestow a new segment upon you. Hosted by the lovely Magician, Prose from the Shadows is a celebration of dark poetry and verse submitted by our contributors and listeners. Spend a little time in the darkness as we enjoy material from Martin Hoyle, Paul Sands, D.A. Marshall, Yvonne Mason, Wynter Ice, Dax Bordas, Jacoby Wright-Reedy, Rick Powell, Russell Sprake and Naomi. Special thanks goes to Matt Barnett and Russell Sprake for providing wonderfully spooky musical compositions to take you on this dark and delightful journey! For […]

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THE SATANIC PLAYERS SOCIETY: PROSE FROM THE SHADOWS  If you are a budding writer and fancy having some of your work showcased by the Satanic Players Society please visit this link. We look forward to bringing your poetry and prose to life!