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The Demented1: A Moment with Dani

The Demented1: A Moment with Dani

Join your host Blake as he interviews Dani from Dani After Dark. Dani talks about how she got into true crime, psychology, The Paulcast and much more! Plus, she discusses how and why she started her Youtube channel called Dani After Dark. Apple Podcast / Spotify

Cardone The Magician

Reverend Cardone teaches a free course on Magic on Youtube this Friday!

Reverend Cardone will be teaching a free course on Magic, psychology and sleight of hand this Friday on Youtube live at 8:00 pm EST! In this course the students will lean what it takes to be a master magician! Most people think that learning the trick is all it takes to fool an audience but Cardone will teach the real secrets that can’t be bought in a magic store.   Sleight of hand, timing, voice  and speech, pantomime, psychology, magic history, and the basics of theatre arts will be taught to make you not only a magician, but a master […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Anton LaVey Looks at Astrology, Psychology and Greater Magic by Magistra Peggy Nadramia In June of 1968, Professor Lee Sechrest of the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University wrote to Anton LaVey, seeking his perspective on a paper about astrology. LaVey responded promptly and with interest: “I am,” he said, “perhaps, one of the few actively involved in the occult who does not put much stock in astrology. …one must not rule out astrology as a part of character analysis—not because the stars have anything to do with the formation of the personality, but because people know how they are supposed to […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

SPEAK OF THE DEVIL: Extraversion & Introversion Friday, June 29th / 8pm MST Live on YouTube Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell discusses Extraversion & Introversion with Citizen Tyler Joseph Allen Hynne. We will discuss what it’s like growing up as an introvert, explore introversion & extraversion and how to use Lesser Magic to improve your life. You can tune in live and interact with the audience, guest and host through YouTube chat. Let’s discuss the news, shall we? I am going to be joined by Patrick DeMarco to discuss the headlines in the world. What current events would you […]

The Secret Conversation

Men say, “uh,” and women prefer, “um,” according to a recent study of conversational filler words. It seems that, in many cases, “uh” is used by men to prevent others from speaking, while “um” shows that a woman might be listening or thinking. This is in keeping with the gender contrasts explored most unabashedly in Anton LaVey’s The Satanic Witch. So if an outwardly macho man says “um,” that could be your secret clue that he’s hiding a more sensitive side. That’s what we call, uh, Lesser Magic. —Warlock M. Mandrake