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BBC – Podcasts and Downloads – The Infinite Monkey Cage

BBC – Podcasts and Downloads – The Infinite Monkey Cage In this entertaining episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage, a BBC science/comedy radio show, Professor Brian Cox and the panel separate quantum physics from the popular phenomenon of quantum pseudoscience peddled by religious gurus & spiritual occultists.  Don’t be fooled by New Age mysticism masquerading as science, leave it to the moronic masses. —Reverend Ashley S. Palmer


CASAUS, the debut album of King-Kopetzky, is a sonic journey reflecting the birth, life, and death of the cosmos. Ambient drones with elements of noise pervade throughout, inspired by the ancient myths of the Teutons and Aztecs, as well as the hard-won revelations of modern physics.  Casaus is perfect for reading, rituals or ceremonies, and meditation. Bask in the majesty of the cosmos.