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Vox Satanae – Episode 212 – The Scherzo – 145 Minutes – Week of 27 October 2014 This is a very special episode curated by our own Magus Peter H. Gilmore. An aural odyssey from joyous celebrations of vital existence to spectral dances of madness. In this journey highlighting the development of the symphonic scherzo, we feature works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Antonín Dvořák, Sergei Prokofiev, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Jean Sibelius, Aram Khachaturian, Sir Edward Elgar, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Aaron Copland, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Bernard Herrmann, Don Gillis, Anton Bruckner, Dmitri Shostakovich, Gustav Mahler, and John Corigliano.


New this week on Radio Free Satan: CHAOS SEDATED #166 (Industrial, Dark Ambient) TERROR TRANSMISSION EP111: ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (Horror Movie Commentary) I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S THE DEVIL’S MISCHIEF #507 (Comedy & Novelty) METAL BREAKFAST RADIO – EPISODE 31.9  (Death/Thrash Metal) VOX SATANAE – EPISODE #201 (Opera, Classical, Vocal)  CLINT MEPHISTO’S ROAD SHOW EPISODE 110 (Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Vintage Country) THE METRO #246 (80’s, New Wave, Post-Punk)  CONFESSIONS OF A WICKED WITCH #11 (News, Commentary, Witchcraft, Satanism) DEATH PUNK RADIO – EPISODE #8 (Goth Rock, Death Rock) METAL INVADERS EPISODE 98 “EVERYTHING’S (MOSTLY) RELATIVE” (Black Metal, Heavy Metal)

Chaos Sedated #165 Now Available at Radio Free Satan

The latest episode of Rev. Antony’s Chaos Sedated podcast is also available at Radio Free Satan. Episode 165 features a mix of minimal electronics, ambient, apocalyptic folk and black noise including several Church of Satan musicians such as Black Goat Uprising, The Invisible War, Scapegoat, and MALFORM. Get more details and stream the episode at Radio Free Satan:

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

As of April 15th, Radio Free Satan’s newest dj, DJ HellOnWheels—otherwise known as Citizen Leuthold, has been hosting Radio Free Satan’s Metal Invaders on the weeks when Warlock Bellavance does not have a show or interview planned. Metal Invaders is a weekly podcast on featuring various metal tracks from the early days of the genre, up until modern times, with a little bit of everything in between. The current episodes with DJ HellOnWheels are Episodes 87 And 88, with more coming soon!