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Lorcan Black on Reaper's Underground

Reaper’s Underground: Lorcan Black

It’s that time again my Demons!!! From the abyss, another insanely awesome show for you this week joining me for the first time in the Underground is incredibly talented published Author/Musician/Singer/Songwriter and active member of the Church of Satan, Lord Lorcan Black!!! We’re going to deep dive into his books of the “Satan Calling” series, the killer metal band Eyes of Octavia, his acoustic duo project Before & After with his lovely wife Trini Black and all things blasphemous! This your chance to interact with this amazingly talented human so bring your questions and get ready for a hell ride […]

Magister Bill M. returns to Reaper's Underground

Magister Bill M. returns to Reaper’s Underground Tonight

That’s right Demons! Tonight back by popular demand joining me in the Underground is my good friend and amazing human Church of Satan (official) Magister Bill M. Of the Satansplain podcast!!! Join us as we discuss the damndest, strangest messages, and other ridiculous things people send us, of course all things Satan and so much more so get ready to laugh your asses off for another killer hangout with Magister Bill and the Big Bad Devil Daddy! Share this anywhere and everywhere NOW! Tune in at 8pm CST and interact with him again!!! As always Rude comments or questions will […]

Magister Bill M. on Reaper's Underground

Magister Bill M. on Reaper’s Underground, 8:00 pm CST tonight!

Join me Tonight in welcoming Church of Satan (official) Magister Bill M. to the Underground of the amazing podcast Satansplain and many other great podcasts! We’ll be talking about all things Satan and all his latest projects, Anton LaVey, and modern TRUE Satanism. If you’re a Satanist or curious to know what is and means to be one, tune in live at 8pm CST and get those questions answered! DISCLAIMER: Don’t ask jackassy questions, slander or hate: all comments will be monitored. If you can’t be respectful you will be blocked. This will be a safe space, lots of laughs […]