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As the years pass, we have grown accustomed to the annual ghost shafts that gleam skywards from the grounds upon which the World Trade Center towers once stood. Do they summon forth fury aroused by the injustice of that atrocity, or are many people just wistfully recollecting the times before that day shattered their perceptions? I consider it worthwhile on this anniversary to recall the violence, sparked by a toxic theism, that murdered so many innocent folk who had a myriad of beliefs supporting them that as they sought to live and prosper. Sadly, the forms of religion which thrive […]

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Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence:The Religious Liberty Task Force Friday, August 24th / 7pm MST Live on YouTube Speak of the Devil presents Third Side Intelligence. This month Reverend Campbell is being joined by Darren Deicide and Witch Zaftig to discuss the United States’ new Religious Liberty Task Force that was announced by Attorney General Sessions on July 30, 2018. We will discuss its stated mandate, reach, implications, and scope. And why not reach a little deeper in the Attorney General’s past to try and understand his motivations with this announcement? Sign Up to the Email List Subscribe […]

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Hobby Lobby & ISIS Sitting in a Tree… Theists wanting to control what those around them may do is not a new thing, nor does any religion have an monopoly on that behavior. Openly call it Sharia or thinly veil it as Religious Freedom, the motivation and goal is the same—using whatever power you have at your disposal to force those around you to comply with your religion’s beliefs. One need look no further than at the bloody history of Christianity’s fractious denominations or at the replies we receive on Twitter to know that—if they thought they could get away with it—directing violence at people not […]

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9/11 — Marking Theist Infamy This anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon by Islamic extremists fourteen years ago is a proper occasion for fellow rational, secular individuals to note the ongoing intolerance in the name of theism manifested this past year. Here are but a few amongst myriad atrocities. In January of 2015, the Paris office of the satirical atheist magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was attacked by two gunmen, killing twelve. 134 college students were massacred in Kenya by Shabbab militants in April. In Tunisia, over 20 tourists were slaughtered at The Bardo National Museum […]

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On Monday, August 10, Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith, in what seems to be an attempt to insult United Methodist pastor Hannah Bonner, said: “Why don’t you go back to the Church of Satan that you run?” Reverend Bonner has been active for roughly the past month in an ongoing protest against the death of Ms. Sandra Bland in the Waller County Jail, maintaining a presence with fellow activists of varying belief systems in the nearby parking lot. A few minutes later Sheriff Smith pointed to Bonner, who was filming him with a camera, and referred to her as […]