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Reverend Count MoriVond Reads As Above, So Below and Masterful Slaves.

Reverend Count MoriVond reads from THE SATANIC SCRIPTURES

“Natural Hierarchy: As Above, So Below” Are there “Witches” and “Warlocks” in the Church? What happens when one becomes a Registered Member and how does one elevate in grade? What does the Priesthood do? In this essay, the High Priest opens up in detail on the hierarchical structure of the Church of Satan. Explaining the history of the degree system; what titles/degrees there are and what offices these assume. Masterful Slaves Dominance? Submission? The Satanic perspective on leaders and followers, “tops” and “bottoms” and sadists and masochists…Are Satanists—”sadists?” Do Satanists look down upon or favor “submissive” types? Can one be […]

Reverend Count MoriVond

Reverend Count MoriVond reads The Satanic Scriptures

From Reverend Count MoriVond’s “Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit” – more readings of Magus Gilmore’s The Satanic Scriptures.  We continue with the High Priest’s essay “Diabolus in Musica” in five parts, where various classical composers of Satanic interest are discussed. Followed by the essays “Idol Pleasures,” “Hell Of A Town,” a tribute to Satanism’s founder: Anton Szandor LaVey and finally a succinct tribute to the birthplace of the Church of Satan: The Black House on California Street in San Francisco. Diabolus in Musica I Diabolus in Musica II Diabolus in Musica III Diabolus in Musica IV Diabolus in Musica V Idol […]

Reverend Count MoriVond reads Satanic Aesthetics

Reverend Count MoriVond reads “Satanic Aesthetics” by Peter H. Gilmore

Satanism and Realism, Naturalism, Romanticism, Expressionism, Idealism, Surrealism. The High Priest discusses the schools of these select art disciplines as they pertain to the religious philosophy of Satanism. DRACONIAN RADIO BROADCAST PULPIT is the clerical corner for the Alien Elite on The Internet where I read authentic Satanic canon, approved and sanctioned by the administrators of the Church of Satan. To show your support become a patron:​.​ For more readings of this work from my “Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit” check in Sunday evenings.

Reverend Count MoriVond reads The Satanic Scriptures

Count MoriVond reads from THE SATANIC SCRIPTURES—Four Chapters!

Psychic Vampires, Human Intellectual Black Holes… cretins from cyberspace. Here the High Priest exposes the armies of emotional leeches and the manner in which such verminous life-forms are disposed. It’s another installment of the Satanic Scriptures from Rev. Count MoriVond’s Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit. Same sex-unions: Are they ethical? Should they be legal? Are they Satanic? The answers and their rationale are obvious to the Satanist. Here the High Priest explains the stance of the Church of Satan in his essay: Founding Family: “Morality” versus Same-Sex Marriage   The latest installment in Rev. Count MoriVond’s THE SATANIC SCRIPTURES readings from his […]

Count MoriVond Reads The Satanic Scriptures

Count MoriVond reads from THE SATANIC SCRIPTURES

From the Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit with Count MoriVond, we delve deeper into The Satanic Scriptures with a reading from the essay “Pervasive Pantywaistism.” Here Magus Gilmore addresses the enfeebled, sensitive lots and the coddling culture that caters to their frailty. Is Elitism fascist? Are Satanists fascists? Here the High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore, expounds upon “The Fascism Question” with his essay from The Satanic Scriptures. Read by Reverend Comte MoriVond. A three part reading.  

Reverend Count MoriVond reads "Victors and Victims"

Count MoriVond reads: “Victors and Victims: From West Memphis to Columbine”

A national tragedy. A travesty of justice… From Reverend MoriVond’s ‘Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit’ we continue with Magus Gilmore’s essay: “Victors and Victims: From West Memphis to Columbine” in two parts. Here Magus Gilmore provides us with a poignant reminder and warning to all “outsiders” on the moralist mobs and their sanctimonious bloodlust. For more of Count MoriVond’s readings of Magus Gilmore’s Satanic Scriptures visit Join the Count every Sunday for a new essay!  

Reverend Count MoriVond reads The Satanic Scriptures

Reverend Count MoriVond reads The Satanic Scriptures

Reverend Count MoriVond continues his dramatic presentations of chapters of THE SATANIC SCRIPTURES by Magus Peter H. Gilmore. From his Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit is the next installment in The Satanic Scriptures series. Reverend Count MoriVond reads Magus Gilmore’s essay: I Am The Light and The Way Magus Gilmore shares his thoughts on the fundamentalist fanaticism responsible for that tragic September day in our country’s history. Read by Count MoriVond from his Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit.   For more readings of the Satanic Scriptures join the Count every Sunday at his Youtube Channel. For ‘Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit’ and other […]

Reverend Count MoriVond reads "Apocalypse Now"

Reverend Count MoriVond reads “Apocalypse Now.”

From his Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit, Reverend Count MoriVond reads Magus Peter H. Gilmore’s essay “Apocalypse Now” For more readings of The Satanic Scriptures, join the Count every Sunday at his Youtube channel here: For Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit merchandise, T shirts and more visit: