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The Devil in the Details

The Devil in the Details: “Satanic Skeptic” JD Sword on Ritual Magic and The Genealogical Adam and Eve

On the latest full episode of his podcast, The Devil in the Details, the “Satanic Skeptic” JD Sword examines ritual magic; specifically, the question of whether or not there is reason to believe ritual magic works by way of human will influencing the physical world, or, does ritual magic work on the individual as self-transformative psychodrama? Sword provides a review of several parapsychological works and research as well as the scientific objections to psi phenomena, offering his own opinion and inviting listeners to draw their own conclusions. Listen on Apple Podcasts On this mini episode, the Satanic Skeptic reviews the […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Satan Takes the Stage: Redefining the Ritual Chamber by Reverend Nathan Grayan article for The Black Flame—May, LI A.S. Art, music, and philosophy are the great culmination of Greater and Lesser Magic. They are the foundation for great war and great peace. They are what calls us to our own living ritual chamber, and beckons us to live! Satanism does not insist that each of us utilize Greater Magic, but it is most certainly encouraged. Greater Magic empowers us each to actively take our reins and steer ourselves down our paths in a way that no other religion gives its members […]


Olan Thomas interviews Magus Peter H. Gilmore for his “Truth Behind Religion Series.” Magus Gilmore speaks to many topics, addressing occultism of the past, conspiracy theories, some historical aspects of the Church of Satan as well as Dr. LaVey’s views regarding magical practice.