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Vistaprint Wedding Cards & Christian Proselytization  “We Satanists are against evangelizing and proselytizing (in any form) as we consider these to be intrusive, bullying acts that are antagonistic to free will. Having any religion foisted on unwilling people is not Satanic. Such deeds in a rational society should be deemed to be criminal. Laws that promote a majority religion’s beliefs which could hamper the civil rights of those outside that religion should be repealed where they exist. Fortunately we’ve seen a wave of sanity recently wherein more and more states are allowing equal civil rights under the law by establishing legal […]

The Feigned Martyrdom of Kim Davis

The death throes of righteous Christianity—that arrogant belief system used to forcing others to bend to its irrational dogmas—offer its more masochistic adherents the opportunity for martyrdom through punishment they so richly deserve, but not for the reasons they claim. According to the New York Times, Ms. Davis’ lawyer, Roger Gannam, believes she has been incarcerated for her “belief of conscience that marriage is the union of one man and one woman”. This is incorrect, she’s in jail because she refuses to do her job and is being held in contempt of court for acting as if she’s above the rule […]

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HELL’S BELLS: Satanic Weddings

With the recent SCOTUS decision allowing legal same-sex marriage throughout the USA, certain religious groups have rushed to condemn this position. In contrast, the Church of Satan welcomes this landmark ruling. During our Year 50 Conclave (held this past Walpurgisnacht in Washington, DC) our Reverend Lee Crowell, who resides in Virginia, discussed his successful 2012 legal battle to be allowed to officiate at weddings, one part of his responsibilities as an ordained Priest in the Church of Satan. While ministers of many faiths typically are granted this privilege without question, Crowell—a successful attorney—had to contest the initial denial, even though […]

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SCOTUS Decides Same Sex Marriage Now Legal Nationwide I applaud today’s announcement that same sex marriage is now legal throughout our entire nation. The philosophy of the Church of Satan has supported this principle for many years. The Satanic Wedding Rite I published in my book The Satanic Scriptures in 2007 acknowledged that “In Satanism, the basis for a couple forming a union is the loving relationship they have created. It does not matter if the couple is of the same or opposite sexes.” Our clergy has been proud to wed both same sex and opposite sex couples equally. In 2013, […]