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Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #044 – Satanic Films & Pee-wee Herman

A look at the Church of Satan suggested film list, plus Bill’s Satanic salute to the late, great Paul Reubens. Also Bill responds to mail on various topics, including finding better Satanism internet forums, and why adding the word “LaVeyan” before the word “Satanism” is not only redundant but just adds to the confusion.

Dr. Phibes in the Satanic Film List

Satanic Sources: Anton LaVey’s Film List Refreshed!

What makes a film Satanic? It doesn’t require overt devils and demons. It can be a musical, a crime drama, or even a comedy. Satanic films often have a certain evocative atmosphere. They can be old and almost forgotten or perhaps they’re offensive to society at large. Maybe they are rare and hard to find. These are a few among the many possible traits that can make a film truly Satanic. Magus Anton LaVey‘s list of films, first published in Magistra Blanche Barton‘s THE CHURCH OF SATAN (1990), has been given a perceptive commentary by Warlock G. Edwin Taylor, which […]

B&S About Movies: Church of Satan Film List

B&S ABOUT MOVIES: The 95 films on the Church of Satan film list

Originally compiled for Blanche Barton’s The Church of Satan — as approved by Magus Anton Szandor LaVey — the Church of Satan’s recommended film list is made up of films that LaVey enjoyed or felt exemplified Satanism. As Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan, explained to our site earlier his week, there’s no official Church positions on various artforms, since the basis of the Church’s philosophy is individualism. This allows members to have their own personal lists as well as reasons why they feel these movies are on the film list. We’ve been covering several […]

Sinister Screen Returns

The Sinister Screen RETURNS!

The Sinister Screen was first launched in February of 2005 as a project of the now-defunct Church of Satan Special Interest Groups. Since then, it had become an independent forum for movies of general interest to Satanists and others of like-mind. The site took a long hiatus but has returned with a revamped format. Review submission requests are open to Church of Satan members only and we will verify your membership before approval. All reviews must be focused, well-written, and reasonably connected to Satanism and the Satanic philosophy. As of present, discussion privileges have been and will continue to be […]

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LIVE TONIGHT Satanists On Satanic Cinema: The Sea Wolf Streaming April 23, 5:00 PM PST Your sexy Satanic hosts Reverend Adam P Campbell and Citizens Cameron John & Joe Jackson are kicking back and watching The Sea Wolf! The movie is based on Jack London’s novel by the same name. It centers around a soft protagonist who is forced to deal with the alpha male Wolf Larson who celebrates life and experience over all. Grab a beer, pop some corn, and join us on this hysterical journey of heresy! Email List:…Facebook:…Website:

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Satanists on Satanic Cinema: The Black Cat Watch Live:Sunday, December 18th at 6pm MST Join us LIVE as we watch Edgar G. Ulmer’s The Black Cat starring Béla Lugosi and Boris Karloff! It’s a story about the consequences of war, friendship, lost love, and there’s even a black cat in there somewhere. This is featured in the Church of Satan’s Film List and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why, so join us Sunday and together we can skin this flick after the Satanic Ritual.  Release date: 1934Director: Edgar G. UlmerCinematography: John J. MescallStory by: Edgar G. […]

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Satanists on Satanic Cinema is Back! Satanists on Satanic Cinema (SoSC) is back with a brand new format, permanent hosts and more fun than you can shake a stick at (That’s a lot of fun!). I have a permanent couple of co-hosts that will be joining me. I’ve reached out to a couple friends that happen to be Satanists, Citizen Cameron John and Joe Jackson. Together, we will stream live to the SoSC YouTube channel while watching a movie from the Church of Satan’s Satanic film list. The list first appeared in Blanche Barton’s novel The Church of Satan as an appendix titled “Satanic Cinema: Down […]

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Peter H. Gilmore – High Priest of the Church of Satan Callum Davies of Cultured Vultures interviews Magus Gilmore on topics from contemporary issues to film and even Godzilla.

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Magus Gilmore has added #21 to our FAQ pages regarding The Black House. To elaborate on that, he presents Regarding The Black House and Its Successors which explores the significance of the original Black House of Anton Szandor LaVey as well as the new Black House belonging to he and High Priestess Nadramia. Two new essays have also been posted: Dilute Diabolism: On the Rise of “neo-satanism” There Goes The Neighborhood: Activism and The Devil He has also launched a new interview section titled Full Disclosure where the complete responses he has made to the press will be presented. There are […]