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Prose from the Shadows: Summers Waning

SATANIC PLAYERS SOCIETY: Prose from the Shadows — Summers Waning

As we leave the Summer Solstice behind and begin our journey towards autumn, the Magician brings you a little taste of the darkness to come. This episode features contributions by Clover Martin, Colin Martin, Damhe Clarrah, Delilah Astarte and Draconis Blackthorne. Once again our gratitude goes out to Matt Barnett and Russel Sprake for providing the musical accompaniment.

Satanic Players Society: M.R. Stover's SIREN

Satanic Players Society: M. R. Stover’s SIREN

M. R. Stover’s SIREN In this episode we bring you the concluding part to Stormcaller. This is the final story that was given to us by the late M. R. Stover. Jacoby Ash, a Revenant of hell has been dispatched to take care of the problem in Athens, created by the arrival of the Sirens. This is going to be the fight of his life as he has to take on not one, but seven creatures from the underworld—all of whom are as powerful in their seduction as in their savagery.

ATWTR: Pushing Your Limits

A thought with the Ringmaster: Pushing your Limits

Pushing your hiking What happens when you have two old veterans that still think they are in their 20’s? They decide to try and break themselves on a 10 mile hike. Join the Ringmaster and Reverend Campbell and they huff and puff up a mountain demonstrating that no matter your age you can still push yourself and achieve growth.  

The First Taste of Horror— D.A. Marshall

The First Taste of Horror – D.A. Marshall

Join D.A. Marshall as he takes us on a journey along the road of horror. He describes his first encounter with the Satanic Players Society back in its fledgling year and how he’s seen the show progress. His reading for this episode is Region of the Flesh by Richard Matheson, an intriguing and terrifying tale.

A Thought With The Ringmaster: Passing The Torch

Welcome to another noisy and drunk episode! The Ringmaster is joined again by Storm Anderson and has the pleasure of being introduced to the wonderful Steve Nosack from Kilted Entertainment. Basking in the glow of the resurrected Halloween in Summer festival we discuss handing over the reigns, the pressures and expectations involved and how to put your own stamp on something without straying too far from the original idea.

Satanic Players Society: June 2019 Sideshow

Satanic Players Society: The June 2019 Sideshow

The June 2019 Sideshow On this glorious sunny day we welcome Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc to the troupe and take the opportunity to celebrate her work. We bring you “As goes the day”, “Come to me”,  “Ebon’s embrace”, In the shodows” and “The rain” a selection of poetry to get the show started followed by “All in a day’s work”, “Finally Famous”, “Some people never learn” and “The choice” a gathering of some of her short stories. All of which we trust will send gleeful shivers down your spine!

Satanic Players Society: Do you need to consume to create?

Satanic Players Society: A Thought with the Ringmaster

The Ringmaster is joined by a few individuals to discuss seeking inspiration, looking for mediums outside those that you create to make your own spin, while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of becoming a copycat or plagiarist.

First Taste of Horror — Rick Powell

The First Taste of Horror — Rick Powell

Sit down with author Rick Powell as he takes us through his journey down the dark road of horror. How in the advent of social media storytelling is a vital component for teaching and growth. He reads for us Of Man and Woman, written by Richard Matheson.

Satanic Players Society: STORMCALLER

In this episode we are honoured to bring you the penultimate story that was given to us by the late M.R. Stover. Once again we delve into his twisted imagination as he brings us the prelude to another wonderful Jacoby Ash adventure. Monsters from the deep have invaded the land and begin their murderous rampage, dispatching men, woman and children alike. With humanity helpless it is up to the forces of hell to quash this incursion.

Satanic Players Society: Blood Alley

Satanic Players Society: Blood Alley

NEW EPISODE, The Travelling Sideshow of the Macabre – Blood Alley Spring is in the air! That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t give you chills with a little horror and madness. One thing that does warm our hearts is celebrating a long time friend to the show, Yvonne Mason. In this episode she shares with us Blood Alley. Robert (Bubba) Haines a tobacco chewing, beer drinking, womanizing, wheelholder is running way behind schedule with a load to Miami, Florida on Hwy27—a highway that started up north and ended in Miami. Bubba was on a stretch of two lane blacktop […]

Satanic Players Society: Myths, Legends and Monsters - Changelings

Satanic Players Society: Myths, Legends and Monsters – Changelings

NEW EPISODE! Myths, Legends and Monsters – Changelings Get ready for the chill of winter as The Escapologist discusses Changelings, their origins in culture and their use as a scapegoat to deal with malformed or disabled children. She also reads the Brothers Grimm tale on the subject and Pickman’s Model by H.P. Lovecraft.