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Dark Voices Podcast: Hedonism in a New Satanic Age   Host Lyra Shae talks sex and debauchery in the digital age with Satanist and Pro Sex Worker/Model Natasha Nacre, Satanist Misty Tyers, Trans Adult Model Ashley Vega, and Pro Dominatrix Harley Sin. In 1966, Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan. In 1969, The Satanic Bible was published, declaring that our modern era is, in fact, a “New Age of Satan.” Dr. LaVey put fourth some evidence for this new Satanic age in The Satanic Bible and I wanted to expand on that evidence and turn it into a broader conversation. I don’t think […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Super Curious…About the Church of Satan  Asa Akira and her co-host Glenny Balls converse with Magister David Harris of the Church of Satan. Topics covered include Satanism, sexuality and celebrities.  Listen here!

A Moment With Magister David Harris Join “The Demented1″ as he interviews Magister David Harris of the Church of Satan as we discuss Satanism, fetish films and his new podcast titled Sex, Song, Sinema, & Satanism. (Source:


It’s no surprise that the recent debut of the trailer for the film adaptation of the “50 Shades of Grey” novel has generated predictable buzz, what with millions of online views, spotlighting the great unwashed masses’ never-ending lust for the deliciously dark, albeit forbidden pleasures of the flesh—this time BDSM style. Despite the ad nauseum of the mainstream phenom, the sordid interest does underline what Satanists instinctively know and celebrate on a daily basis. We are carnal creatures that embrace the pleasures of the flesh. And more importantly, accept even that which is often considered taboo and outside of the […]